Devenje Edwards destroys boyfriend’s clothes during altercation over infidelity

37-year-old Devenje Edwards was involved in a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Ricardo Gayden, at a Magevney Street residence. When officers arrived, they spoke with Gayden, who stated that he and Edwards were in an altercation over infidelity that became physical when Edwards attacked him. Gayden then claimed that Edwards grabbed a knife and cut several clothing items of his, including shoes, shorts, and shirts. Gayden also claimed Edwards poked him with the knife but not enough to injure him. Officers noticed Gayden had several marks on his face while speaking with him. Officers then found Edwards, who was hiding in a closet, still armed with the weapon. Edwards was taken into custody on April 19th for aggravated assault, domestic assault, and vandalism. 

Porch Pirate Tamekia Bynum steals multiple packages worth $1,400

On February 13th, 43-year-old Porch Pirate Tamekia Bynum was caught stealing at an Ash Briar Avenue residence. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Wayne Rainey, who stated he had checked his ring doorbell camera and observed Bynum stealing packages off his front doorstep and fleeing the scene. Investigators got information from the RTCC about a package theft at a Brierhedge residence that matched the description of Bynum’s vehicle. On February 17th, officers learned that the exact vehicle had committed several acts of theft at numerous different addresses and identified Tamekia Bynum as the suspect in the video. The stolen packages were worth approximately $1,400. Bynum was taken into custody on April 19th for five counts of property theft.

Shannon Enlow caught with magic mushrooms after making illegal U-turn

On April 19th, 22-year-old Shannon Enlow was involved in a drug incident that had occurred near an intersection by Walnut Grove Road and Shelley Renee Lane. Officers noticed a silver sedan making an illegal U-turn and a man hanging his body out of the window in the passenger seat. Officers began to follow before promptly making a traffic stop. When officers made contact with Enlow, who was driving, they asked her if there were any drugs in the car, which she was hesitant to answer. As officers spoke with March Coffield, the passenger in the vehicle, they noticed him covering up an orange purse. Officers noticed his eyes were bloodshot, and he was breathing heavily. Officers then spoke with both of them and asked if Enlow would consent to a vehicle search. Enlow consented to a search initially before retracting her statement when looking at Coffield. Officers then called a K9 unit to the scene. The K9 unit hit the front driver’s side door, indicating narcotics were in the vehicle. Officers then searched the car, and a bag of magic mushrooms was located in the orange purse. Enlow admitted the mushrooms were hers, and she was taken into custody for possession of a controlled substance.

Portia Crawford-Marshall opens multiple bank accounts with ex’s new girlfriend’s identity

49-year-old Portia Crawford-Marshall was taken into custody for a credit card scheme that occurred on June 21st, 2023. Shandra Jones filed a complaint on June 21st, 2023, in which she received numerous alerts on Credit Karma that an unknown suspect had opened multiple bank accounts in her name. Shandra also claimed that the suspect was using an address near Elmhurst Avenue that Shandra recognized as her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend’s house. It was found that Crawford was staying there and had numerous active warrants, as well as a history of identity theft and forgery. Officers took Crawford into custody and charged her with seven counts of identity theft on April 19th, 2024.

Destiny Anthony jailed after harassing her children’s guardian

23-year-old Destiny Anthony was arrested on October 18th for reportedly harassing her children’s legal guardian, Jamie Porter, on numerous occasions between August and September. Porter spoke with officers on the 25th of August and showed them threatening texts that her niece, Anthony, had sent the day before. Officers were advised that Anthony was angry due to Porter having custody of her children. Texts from Anthony stating, “If I can’t have em none of you b*tchess [sic] ain’t gone have them” and “You n your kids n mines gone die tonight I stamp that hoe” were observed by officers. Porter showed officers Anthony’s texts from August 25th that had her concerned for her safety stating, “I am at your house if I catch you coming out the house I’m sh**ting you dead in your face.” Anthony’s identity was confirmed via Porter as she called her and put her on speaker phone in front of officers. Then, on September 5th, Porter contacted officers again regarding threats being sent from Anthony from a few days prior, stating that she was going to have someone burglarize Porter’s house, even after being told not to contact her again.

Jonie Bowen jailed for prostitution and indecent exposure near SouthEast Motel in Memphis

23-year-old Jonie Bowen was one of several females who were congregating, waving at passersby in front of The Southeast Motel, which is on the Attorney General’s No Trespass Program due to being known for violent crimes, prostitution, and illegal narcotic distribution, during the evening hours of October 20th. Officer Tulo responded to a complaint call regarding the possibility of numerous female sex workers at Lamar Avenue. Upon arrival, Officer Tulo activated his blue lights and was able to detain Bowen after a short foot pursuit. Bowen denied occupying a room at the Southeast Motel and was observed to be wearing black see-through lingerie, exposing her body parts to the public, as she loitered. Bowen told officers that she was previously charged with the manifestation of prostitution in Dallas, Texas. Officers placed Bowen in custody for criminal trespassing, evading arrest, prostitution, and indecent exposure.

Millard Byrd of Memphis charged with BUI & reckless boating in Nashville on Percy Priest Lake

In Nashville, Tennessee Wildlife Resource Boating Officer Joshua Landrum says he noticed a pontoon boat traveling across Percy Priest Lake at 2-3 mph Saturday with no one at the steering wheel. He noticed the two occupants of the boat were seated at the very front of the pontoon boat talking, and 48-year-old Millard Ernest Byrd only returned to the driver’s console after the blue lights were activated on the TWRA boat, at which time he put the throttle in neutral and turned off the ignition. Landrum says the boat operator was obviously intoxicated, and when asked to put on a life jacket, he kept trying to put on a woman’s life jacket, which was much smaller and would not fit him. After performing poorly on field sobriety tests, he was taken into custody on multiple charges.

Duo charged after opening fire on apartment building

28-year-old Floyd Franklin, 27-year-old Quanpatrick Rockamore, and 33-year-old Brandon Braswell were charged with two counts of assault after reportedly chasing a person and shooting up an apartment building.

Man punches ex-girlfriend, accuses her of cheating with his brother

40-year-old Charles Curtis was charged with domestic assault after he accused his ex-girlfriend of sleeping with his brother and punched her in the face.

Teen punches aunt and uncle for trying to kick him out of their house

19-year-old Jonathan Cantu was charged with two counts of domestic assault after police say he punched his aunt and uncle for trying to kick him out of the house.