Man says “I’m about that life” while shooting AR-15 at ex-roommate’s car

20-year-old Jonathan Jackson was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism after he reportedly fired several shots at his ex-roommate’s car, causing $4,289.09 worth of damage.

Woman throws curling irons at boyfriend during break-up

25-year-old Rachael Jackson was charged with domestic assault after she admitted to pushing her boyfriend and throwing metal curling irons at him in the midst of their break-up.

Ex UIW Cardinal basketball player charged after pushing baby momma

27-year-old Tavin Askew was charged with domestic assault after he pushed his girlfriend and threw her things down the stairs during an argument about her moving to Texas with their children, police say.

Man strangles, punches, and spits on girlfriend for having an attitude

22-year-old Terrace Fields was charged with aggravated assault after he repeatedly punched his girlfriend in her stomach and strangled her when he felt like she had an attitude with him, per report.

Man charged after flashing his penis to an 11-year-old girl, per report

24-year-old Lashawn Perry was charged with sexual exploitation of a minor, sexual battery, indecent exposure, and two counts of solicitation of a minor after he reportedly showed a 14-year-old girl a pornography video and flashed his penis to an 11-year-old girl.

Woman causes $3,000 in damage at Dollar General when terminated as employee

24-year-old Mildred Richardson was charged with vandalism of property after she broke several displays and shelves at Dollar General when she was fired for cursing at a customer, per report.

Man bites cheek of ex-girlfriend when she blocks him from entering home

42-year-old Lawrence Fulwiley was charged with domestic assault after he punched his ex-girlfriend in the face as she sat in the front seat of her uncle’s vehicle after another altercation took place in a residence, per report.

Man twists girlfriend’s arm during argument over who she was texting

21-year-old Meechie Perry was charged with domestic assault after he twisted his girlfriend’s arm for trying to take her phone back while she was driving with her children in the car.

Man throws beer at girlfriend when she says she wants to date an older man

37-year-old Shelton Hamer was charged with domestic assault after he threw a beer can at his girlfriend’s face in front of a police officer when she said she wanted to date an older, more respectable man, per report.

Woman wacks boyfriend with towel rack after he said Beyoncé was hot

19-year-old Latasha Applewhite was charged with aggravated assault after she threatened her boyfriend with a knife and hit him several times in the head with a towel rack.