He should’ve called Tyrone: Man arrested for refusing to move out of ex-girlfriend’s apartment

23-year-old Deamiunn Rooks was charged with domestic assault after getting into a physical altercation with his ex-girlfriend and refusing to move out of her apartment.

On March 13th, Officers Lavery and Johnson were called to a domestic dispute on Winchester Drive. Upon arrival, Deamiunn Rooks told officers he had been arguing with ex-girlfriend Tierra Reed since the prior day.

Deamiunn Rooks (SCSO)

Officers then spoke with Tierra, who stated she and Deamiunn had been in an argument that previous day. She went on to say the argument became physical when Deamiunn hit her with his fist. Due to that, Tierra told Deamiunn that he had until 1:30 pm that day to get his belongings out of her apartment.

When Tierra got home that day, Deamiunn was still inside the apartment with all of his belongings. Tierra and Deamiunn proceeded to argue and he began vandalizing the apartment and threw a couch at her. Lastly, Tierra told officers that Deamiunn had left a very concerning voicemail on her cell phone. She played the voicemail to officers, and they could hear him making death threats.

Deamiunn Rooks was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $1,000.

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  1. Deamiunn Rooks

    And the same bitch bonded me out. (Deamiunn) all that shit was a lie. Smh bitches are evil. I’m nobody wtf yall get out of posting shit like this. “Should called Tyrone”? Post when she bonded me out. Or how she lied saying I hit her with my “fist”. How the fuck you throw a couch at somebody 😂 be fuckin fr. Yall just type anything up and post it. Sick asf fr.

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