Woman punches child’s father, threatens him with a knife, and slashes his tires

20-year-old Bobrecia Davis was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after she punched her child’s father, threatened him with a knife, slashed his tires, and smashed his car windshield.

Clerk at Brothers Food Market pistol-whips customer over ripped $20 bill

31-year-old Thuizan Ali was charged with aggravated assault after he pistol-whipped a customer at Brothers Food Market over a ripped $20 bill.

Man “playing” with gun at brother’s house escorted home; returns later for assault

29-year-old Willie Harris was charged with assault, trespassing, and public intoxication after waving a gun around at his brother’s house, getting into an altercation with him, then returning to assault him after police escorted him home.