Woman says that her roommate tried to gouge her eye out and he said that she fell

feat Harris Elsberry

69-year-old Fred Harris and 58-year-old Barbara Elsberry were charged with domestic assault after they gave conflicting stories about how they obtained injuries from one another.

Teen causes ruckus while being released from jail to be put right back in after spitting on deputies

18-year-old Keveauna Rice was charged with assault, disorderly conduct, resisting official detention, and vandalism after snatching down signs on jail walls and damaging a deputy’s vehicle.

Duo busted during Vice squad drug raid, rendering 29 grams of weed and 0.2 grams of cocaine

feat Johnson Harris

36-year-old Andrea Johnson and 19-year-old Ellis Henderson were charged with possession of cocaine and marijuana after Memphis Vice squad’s surveillance witnessed many hand to hand transactions go down outside of a house.

Man changes the locks to his heart and apartment; ex breaks in and punches him

feat Freeman Mikayla

20-year-old Mikayla Freeman was charged with domestic assault when she broke a window to get into the home that she and her recent ex share a lease together at to get her belongings back.