Feces-covered suicidal man charged after inserting gun into his father’s mouth

35-year-old Scott Epstein was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after he assaulted his family who was staying with him while he was going through alcohol withdrawals.

On October 11th, Memphis Police Officers Cunningham, Todd, Jackson, and Morns responded to a report of domestic assault at 6301 Common Oaks Court. Scott Epstein’s sister, Sunni Epstein, advised that he was assaulting their parents, Phyllis Epstein and Sol Epstein. Sunni stated that while she was in her room, she heard shouting between her brother and mother. She then heard hitting and shoving while her father yelled “Get off me” and “call the police.” At this point, Sunni had locked herself in her bedroom to call 911 but she did open the door to let Sol in, who had run upstairs to get away. While she and her father were in the bedroom, she heard Scott in a physical altercation with their mother who shouted “call the police.”

Scott Epstein (SCSO)
Scott Epstein (SCSO)

Sunni stated hours before that Scott had put a gun to his head, threatening to commit suicide, and had also put the gun in his father’s mouth but when officers were on the scene she would not state if it actually happened or not. She did, however, give police the gun. Sunni advised that Scott had assaulted their parents before, and not only when he was drunk. Both Sol and Phyllis exclaimed that they did not want Scott to go to jail because he just needed help. Sol would not speak on what physically happened aside from that Scott had pushed him against a wall, strangled him, and smashed his iPhone. Sol advised that he is the only resident of the home and they were all there overnight as a way to be with Scott as he went through alcohol withdrawal.

Phyllis had fresh cuts on both of her forearms that she stated she “must have gotten while trying to hold him back.” She would not mention any assault but she did, however, say that Scott’s fists were bloody because he punched the brick wall after he went out the front door. Neither parents would advise whether Scott pointed a gun at himself or anyone else and they both refused to complete a domestic violence hold harmless. Upon arrival, officers found Scott outside the home with feces on his arm and back. His knuckles and both shoulders were bleeding as well. There were bloody spots above the exterior front door handle, along the stair walls, and on the upstairs floor next to dog feces. He was transported to Regional One for his mental and physical injuries.

Scott Epstein arrested and charged with two counts of domestic assault and vandalism. He was released on his own recognizance.

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