Jayda Woods uses a baseball bat and brick to bust windows out GMC Envoy

18-year-old Jayda Woods was seen vandalizing property near Watkins Street on March 18th. Woods allegedly went to the residence with others to confront Brian Burrows over a disagreement, but he fled the scene on foot. Woods then proceeded to use a baseball bat and bricks to break all the windows to Brian Burrow’s GMC. On April 11th, Officers interviewed Burrows, who verified the events, admitting to fleeing for safety. Burrows also stated that when he returned, he was advised by a family member that Jayda Woods, Patricia Woods, and Tkeyah Woods had broken all the windows on his vehicle costing him $912. On April 18th, Officers interviewed Antonio Burrows, Brian Burrows’s brother, who stated that he was inside the residence when they arrived. Antonio also stated he heard the disturbance and looked outside, and that’s when he noticed Woods smashing the windows of the GMC. Officers interviewed Antonio and successfully identified Woods in a Six-person lineup. Woods was taken into custody for Vandalism.

Jayda Woods (SCSO)
Jayda Woods (SCSO)

Jayda Woods of Hillside Avenue Memphis, TN, was booked into the Shelby County Jail on May 7th, charged with Vandalism. She is free on a $500 bond.

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