Fugitive teen admits to stealing Camry found in front of his house

feat Lewis, Quintavius

18-year-old Quintavius Lewis was charged with theft of property more than $2,500 but less than $10,000 and domestic assault when a stolen Camry was located on his property, and he admitted to stealing it while it was running and unattended.

Woman refuses to allow boyfriend to leave; grabs and claws his throat

feat Washington, Mary

54-year-old Mary Washington was charged with domestic assault after refused to allow her boyfriend to leave his apartment, scratched his neck, and dragged him back by his shirt.

Woman busts teen’s knee cap with baseball bat and sends another to the hospital

feat Pledge, Tanisha

35-year-old Tanisha Pledge was charged with two counts of aggravated assault after getting involved in an altercation between teenagers while wielding a bat.

Failure to signal leads to drug bust near I-40W

feat Fason, Enrico and Elkins, Emily

40-year-old Enrico Fason and 28-year-old Emily Elkin were charged with several drug and weapons charges when they were pulled over for improper lane change.

Fight gets brought to new girlfriend’s doorstep over supposed challenge

feat Washington Brittany

22-year-old Brittany Washington was charged with domestic assault after showing up at an apartment complex where her ex’s new girlfriend lives due to a phone call she states the girlfriend made, challenging her to a fight.

Man attacks and threatens his child’s mother stating “you gonna make me kill you”

feat Beck, Lajerian

27-year-old Lajerian Beck was charged with domestic assault with bodily harm when the mother of his child tried to get his attention to have him watch the kids and he attacked her and threatened her stating “you gonna make me kill you.”

Two women caught with 23 grams of weed after failing to properly change lanes

feat Hannah, Gabriel and Stewart Tierney

21-year-old Gabrielle Hannah was charged with possession of marijuana with intent and 22-year-old Tierney Stewart was charged with possession with intent, window tint violation, and firearm during a felony when 23 grams of weed was found in the vehicle during a traffic stop.

Woman slaps boyfriend, throws toilet paper holder at him for coming home late

feat Smith, Chasity

34-year-old Chasity Smith was charged with domestic assault after she slapped her boyfriend and threw a toilet paper holder at him when he came home late.

Woman tells dispatchers that she has a knife and is “not afraid to use it”

feat Price, Heather

41-year-old Heather Price was charged with domestic assault after shoving her boyfriend and telling both dispatchers that she had a knife and that she “was not afraid to use it.”

Clumsy duo drops rifle while assaulting two brothers; victim picks it up and shoots back

feat Moore, Rodrick and Westbrook , Mario

23-year-old Roderick Moore and 38-year-old Mario Westbrook were each charged with two counts of aggravated robbery, aggravated kidnapping, and felony employment of a firearm with intent after they robbed and assaulted two brothers at their home.