Ex-boyfriend holds gun to woman’s head and forcefully has sex with her

25-year-old Deric Whitehorn was charged with aggravated rape, reckless endangerment, employment of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and two counts of aggravated burglary after he broke into his ex’s home and made her have sex with him before firing his gun at the ceiling.

TN man found with partially severed penis at Bojangles after wife bites it off

41-year-old Jerry Anderson was charged with aggravated rape, aggravated assault, and domestic assault after strangling his wife until she passed out and forcing his penis into her mouth as she regained consciousness. Police found him at a middle Tennessee Bojangles with his partially-severed penis.

Man charged with rape after witness fights him off unconscious female

38-year-old Luther Walker was charged with aggravated rape after a passing bystander witnessed him attempting to rape an unconscious female and had to fight him off twice prior to police arrival.

“Antonio” kidnaps and rapes his date behind an elementary school at gunpoint, per report

31-year-old Christopher Davis was charged with aggravated rape and especially aggravated kidnapping after he approached a woman walking down the road and asked if she needed a ride, exchanged phone numbers, picked her up almost two weeks later, then forced her to have sex with him at gunpoint, per report.

Man beats and rapes ex-girlfriend after accusing her of cheating while he was in jail

30-year-old Eric Williams was charged with aggravated rape, aggravated kidnapping, and violating his bond conditions after he was released from jail for assaulting her on May 29th and proceeded to further assault and rape her on June 5th because he thought she cheated on him while he was incarcerated.

Registered sex offender exposes himself at Mexican restaurant

58-year-old Jasper Duncan was charged with a lack of a sex offender identification and indecent exposure after revealing his genitals to customers at Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant on South 2nd Street.