Amber Bennett uses golf club to destroy woman’s Toyota Scion during altercation


34-year-old Amber Bennett was involved in an altercation with Jacqueline Wilkes at Bennett Avenue on May 22nd. Wilkes contacted law enforcement, stating that Bennett assaulted her and damaged her property. When officers arrived, Wilkes told them that Bennett had knocked on her door and asked her husband, Dominque (Wilkes’s son), to come outside. According to Wilkes, when Dominque didn’t come outside, Bennett ripped the Ring doorbell off the door and then used a golf club she brought to damage the windshield and hood of Wilkes’s Toyota Scion. Once Wilkes went outside to confront Bennett, Bennett ripped the gown off of Wilkes, hit her in the back of the head, and then ripped a plug out of Bennett’s hair. Dominque ran outside and separated both of them. Wilkes and Dominque left in their respective cars. When Bennett noticed Dominque had left, Wilkes said Bennett returned and threw a large rock through her food truck, damaging a hotbox food prep unit on the front porch. Amber Bennett was taken into custody and charged with assault and vandalism.