Man pushes girlfriend when she attempts to collect her things during separation

37-year-old Andrew Ackerman was charged with domestic assault after he became irate and pushed his girlfriend while she was attempting to collect her things, per report.

Woman punches sister in face when she tries to prevent her from driving drunk

26-year-old Jordyn Dennington was charged with domestic assault when she reportedly punched her sister in the face after she attempted to prevent her from driving after drinking at a Labor Day celebration.

Vehicle and foot pursuit ensues after Memphis man carjacked at gunpoint

21-year-old Joshua Randle was charged with two counts of aggravated assault, theft of property, evading arrest, and intentionally evading in an auto when he carjacked a man at gunpoint, drove away from police after an attempted traffic stop, lost control of the vehicle, and then ran off on foot.

Party fight leads to man getting pistol and “pointing it at everyone”

24-year-old Spencer Thorne was charged with fighting with victims at a party and after it was broken up going and producing a Taurus which he was said to have pointed at them. Yet there was a witness that stated that he saw the whole ordeal and did not notice him pointing it at anyone.