Jashanti Manning assaults boyfriend with shotgun during argument


20-year-old Jashanti Manning was involved in a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Dorian Bonds, at his South Frence Creek Cove residence on May 21st. When deputies arrived at the mentioned location, they spoke with Manning. Manning stated that she went to Bonds’ house to hang out. While speaking to Bonds, Manning said that she brought up an incident that happened in the past, which made Bonds angry, causing him to hit her in the face multiple times. According to Manning, Bonds did this while she was holding their two-month-old child. After this, Manning went to the kitchen and grabbed two knives to protect herself. Manning, however, told deputies that she didn’t point anything at anybody. Manning went on to say that Bonds and Walter Howard both had guns in their hands. Manning stated Howard pointed the gun at her, telling her, “Don’t come near me.” After seeing this, Manning put the knives down and started looking for her phone and keys so she could leave.

Deputies later spoke with Bonds, who stated that Manning was drunk and wanted to argue about an old incident between them. Bonds told Manning that he was going to leave and that she needed to be gone when he came back because he didn’t want to argue with her. Bonds returned, and Manning was still there. He told deputies that when he came back, he was looking for money but couldn’t find it. When he asked Manning if she had seen it, she said that she had seen it in the car outside. According to Bonds, as he was walking out of the house, Manning picked up a shotgun and threatened to hit him with it. As Bonds turned around towards her, Manning hit him in the head with the bottom of the gun, causing a knot on his head.

Deputies then spoke with Howard, who stated that Manning hit him with a backpack and threw a water bottle at him. Howard admitted to pointing the gun at Manning and said that he only did so because she had two knives in her hand. Howard went on to tell law enforcement that Manning told him that she was going to have her brother come to Bonds’ house and shoot him. Through further investigation, deputies could not determine the primary aggressor, so both parties were taken into custody. Jashanti Manning was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault and aggravated assault on May 22nd.