Beatriz Delarosa flees after hitting 2-year-old child with her Ford F-150

26-year-old Beatriz Delarosa was arrested for fleeing the scene after hitting and injuring a two-year-old child near Lamar Avenue. On May 1st, a critical hit and run occurred where a Ford F-150 struck a 2-year-old child pedestrian and fled the scene. During the investigation, officers found Delarosa to be the driver of the F-150. On May 7th, Delarosa came to the traffic office and provided a typed statement admitting to being the driver of the F-150. She also stated that she had no driver’s license or insurance. Delarosa was taken into custody for driving without a license on May 7th.

Tinted windows led police to find weed, pills, over $5,000, and gun inside duo’s car

23-year-old Alexus “JUICY” Conard and 33-year-old Jeremy Carruthers were each charged with possession of marijuana after a search of the vehicle they were both occupying rendered over 70 grams of weed and $5,080.

Failure to signal leads to drug bust near I-40W

feat Fason, Enrico and Elkins, Emily

40-year-old Enrico Fason and 28-year-old Emily Elkin were charged with several drug and weapons charges when they were pulled over for improper lane change.