Erica Fulton assaults her nieces during family brawl at grandma’s house


40-year-old Erica Fulton was involved in an altercation with her niece, Gloria Carr, at her mother’s house on Manassas Street on May 22nd. Carr told officers that while Erica was visiting her mother, Carr’s grandmother, Veronica Fulton, Erica’s sister, started removing Erica’s items from her mother’s room and putting them into her car. Carr stated that this caused Erica to become upset. Carr then began arguing with Erica, which resulted in Erica hitting her with the bedroom door, starting a fight. During the fight, both Erica and Gloria struck each other. Mireyah Fulton, Erica’s other niece, advised that she tried to break up the fight, but Erica struck her as well. Officers observed all parties had various injuries. Officers spoke with Erica, who reeked of alcohol as she stated that both of her nieces jumped her. Officers determined Erica Fulton was the primary aggressor. Erica Fulton was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.