Man charged after being found slouched over steering wheel of stolen vehicle

20-year-old Jermario Johnson was charged with theft of property after he was reported slumped over in a stolen Honda Accord for two days, per report.

Woman drives into oncoming traffic after taking Xanax and smoking weed

27-year-old Laura Watson was charged with DUI and driving with a suspended license after she drove into oncoming traffic on her way home from her “baby daddy daddy’s house.”

Man puts pocket knife to girlfriend’s temple; threatens to kill her and his infant daughter

25-year-old John Burcham was charged with aggravated assault after threatening to kill his 6-month-old daughter and girlfriend then driving away with the infant.

Two women caught with 23 grams of weed after failing to properly change lanes

feat Hannah, Gabriel and Stewart Tierney

21-year-old Gabrielle Hannah was charged with possession of marijuana with intent and 22-year-old Tierney Stewart was charged with possession with intent, window tint violation, and firearm during a felony when 23 grams of weed was found in the vehicle during a traffic stop.

Man vandalizes child’s mother’s car, slashes 3 tires, threatens her with a box cutter

22-year-old Devin Isby was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism after his child’s mother reported to police that he vandalized her car by cutting three tires and damaging the side mirror and then threatened her with a box cutter, per report.