Brothers charged after firing gun at driver

20-year-old Darion and 18-year-old Devonn Townsend were charged with attempted murder, evading arrest, and tampering with evidence after Darion fired a pistol at a man driving behind them and Devonn threw the pistol in a lake.

Masturbating man locks eyes with woman parked next to him at Kroger

35-year-old Daniel McGee was charged with indecent exposure after he masturbated in his car and showed off his genitals to a woman parked next to him.

Woman pummels husband’s face after he asks for divorce

32-year old Sara Bailey was charged with domestic assault after her husband asked for a divorce and she stated that she remembered hitting him but not knowing how many times nor trying to run him over with her car.

Man makes second attempt on girlfriends life in under a week

27-year-old Jonathon Johnson was charged with two counts of aggravated assault after driving his car into a vehicle driven by his pregnant ex-girlfriend, which caused her to crash.

Memphis man returns to friend’s house after visit to rob and kidnap him

feat Davis George

29-year-old George Davis was charged with aggravated robbery and kidnapping after he returned to his friend’s home after a visit and demanded money, forced him to drive around, and then took $800 from his wallet.

Friends walk out of Kroger without paying; one leaves other holding the bag

Porchia Barnes Curry

35-year-old Porchia Barnes Curry was charged with theft for the third time since April when she and a friend walked out of Kroger at 2632 Frayser Blvd. without paying for beer and other items in their cart May 30, 2020. Her friend took off in Barnes Curry’s own vehicle, leaving Barnes Curry to catch the charge.

Woman jailed for terrorizing women with Cadillac after fight about a wig #lashingout

21-year-old Kayla Clinton was charged with four counts of aggravated assault when she was accused of terrorizing four women with her Cadillac after a fight about a wig in a Kroger parking lot.

Memphis man caught after 6-week looting spree; stole Takis, frozen pizza, lots of beer

22-year-old Mario Turner was charged with evading arrest and five counts of theft of property after a theft spree that spanned at least six weeks. Turner was filmed stealing boxes of pizza, a Hostess cake and bag of Takis, hygiene products, and several cases of beer.