Woman charged with setting fire to ex-boyfriend’s vehicles #BurningLove

38-year-old Natasha Coleman was charged with setting fire to personal property after she called the police, tried to claim ownership of her ex’s van, then set his vehicles ablaze.

Man punches ex-girlfriend, says “What the f*ck did you bring her for?”

30-year-old Isiah Kelly was charged with domestic assault and driving with a suspended license after he punched his ex-girlfriend repeatedly in the head in a barbershop parking lot.

Man busts girlfriend’s window during argument; tells police he wants to kill himself

feat Holland Dashawn

19-year-old Dashawn Holland was charged with vandalism after police told him to leave during an argument with his girlfriend, returned minutes later and busted out her window, then ran from police and told them he was schizophrenic and “wanted to kill himself”.

Ex-boyfriend charged with stalking ends up in hospital with chest pain #brokenhearted

feat Rogers Deablo

43-year old Deablo Rogers was charged with stalking after he went to his ex-girlfriend’s house, demanded to see her, and refused to leave. When police arrived, he complained of chest pain and was taken to the hospital.

Erratic patron vandalizes coin return machine at Chester’s Truck Stop and bites officer

33-year-old Robert Spivey was charged with aggravated assault on an officer, resisting arrest, and vandalism after he damaged a coin return machine at Chester’s Truck Stop while acting erratic and bit a police officer during detainment.

Memphis woman stabs her cousin three times

25-year-old Ternisha Cunningham charged with aggravated assault after screaming at, hitting, and stabbing her cousin three times in the back and upper arm.

Memphis woman stabs fiance in the calf with kitchen knife

40-year-old Talisa Reid was charged with aggravated assault when she stabbed her fiance with a “kitchen knife” when he would not give her keys back because she had been drinking.

Man smashes 3 vehicles, unresponsive in reverse gear, MFD breaks window to administer NARCAN

30-year-old Gregory Meador was charged with DUI, public intoxication, and reckless driving when he wrecked into three vehicles and Memphis Fire had to break his rear passenger window to reach him and administer NARCAN.

Women charged after assaulting firefighters, policemen, and throwing daughter to dogs

33-year old Vatasha Gray was charged with disorderly conduct, aggravated assault, and resisting official detention while 35-year-old Vernicka Gray was charged with domestic assault and child abuse stemming from a Christmas Eve incident. Both women were picked up after police were called to a disturbance where they were assaulting firefighters.

Man charged with murder of 16-year-old victim

28-year-old Justin Nichols was charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder in the first degree, and employment of a firearm in the commission of a felony after being accused of involvement in a drive-by shooting on two juvenile victims that killed 16-year-old Jaylen Smith.