Musician tells police “yes” to search his VW Jetta; they find meth, weed, and a scale

56-year-old Scott Mahaffy was charged with possession of meth, marijuana, and violation of vehicle registration after he was stopped for a tail light malfunction and police found over 10 grams of meth in his vehicle.

Man gives fake name after officers catch him with chopped catalytic converter

42-year-old Gary Goforth was charged with burglary, theft of property, and possession of burglary tools after he was caught with a saw and fresh-cut catalytic converter.

Duo found with SAR9X and drugs after police stop and search vehicle with no plates

20-year-old Kenyada Thomas was charged with handgun and drug possession, as well as having a firearm during a felony. 23-year-old Okorie Thomas was charged with felony possession, registration, suspended license, tint, and failure to stop after being pulled over without a license plate.

Mentally disabled man who attempted to steal $2.18 water tasered, assaulted with knee strikes by Memphis Police

22-year-old Kelvin Carter was charged with theft of merchandise, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest after walking into the Hop In Exxon on Summer Avenue, stealing a $2.18 vitamin water, and getting caught by police before attempting to leave.

Woman accused of slapping, shoving, and punching boyfriend multiple times

25-year-old Raven Love was charged with domestic assault after she jumped out of bed and started to “slap, shove, and punch” her boyfriend several times after a night of drinking and arguing. On February 26th, officers responded to a call in reference to a simple assault on Forest Street. John Richter told officers he was involved in an argument after drinking with his girlfriend Raven Love. John stated after they had argued all night, Raven started physically assaulting him by slapping, shoving, and punching him multiple times. Officers noted John…