Man charged after threatening to beat his brother’s ass

29-year-old Daron Boyce was charged with domestic assault, threatening bodily harm after reportedly threatening to have someone wait outside the house to beat up his brother when he got off work.

Man tries to flee after causing accident, admits to smoking weed

27-year-old Jordan Young was charged with DUI, reckless driving, and leaving the scene of an accident after he rear-ended another vehicle, ran away, and admitted to smoking weed after the police caught him.

Repeat thief enlists friends to help her steal makeup and cat food

25-year-old Kadejsha Stephens was charged with theft and trespassing after she encouraged two others to help her steal from Walmart.

Lover smashes ex, her house and her car with piece of wood #sticktogether

30-year-old Brittney Frierson was charged with domestic assault and vandalism when Memphis Police Officers watched her damaging the house windows and vehicle of her ex-girlfriend with a long wooden board.

Memphis woman takes ‘duckface’ mugshot after DUI arrest

Mikayla Coleman was charged with driving under the influence, failure to exercise due care, public intoxication, driving while license suspended, and violation of financial law after being involved in a vehicle accident and officers conducted a field sobriety test and discovered her license to be suspended.

Grandpa charged for jabbing granddaughter’s head and threatening to “bust” son’s “M-F-ing head!”

67-year-old Gerald Hamilton was charged with two counts of domestic assault when his son Jeremy reported to officers that Gerald threatened him with a bottle of booze and struck his granddaughter in the head.