Man arrested for panhandling again: same officer, same location, same crime

61-year-old Victor Webb was charged with aggravated criminal trespassing after he was found panhandling at a location he was told that he is no longer allowed to visit.

Feces-covered suicidal man charged after inserting gun into his father’s mouth

35-year-old Scott Epstein was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after his father admitted that the family was staying the night with him while he was going through alcohol withdrawals.

Young couple’s fight ends with busted lips and hurt feelings

18-year-old Chrstchain Mullins was charged with domestic assault when he and his girlfriend fought about seeing other people.

Woman brings cocaine into Jail East via shoe

34-year-old Jennifer Hopper was charged with possession of controlled substance with intent to manufacture/deliver/sell and contraband in a penal institution after getting caught with cocaine in her shoe during booking at Jail East.