Man threatens children’s mother in front of police

38-year-old Allen Livingston was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after his children’s mother reported to police that he threatened to beat her twice and then damaged her kitchen window.

Man threatens wife with her own gun during argument about their car

42-year-old Timothy Chambers was charged with aggravated assault after he pointed his wife’s own handgun at her and told her “I am going to kill you and anyone that you called” when she tried to call the police.

Memphis man beats his father after a conversation about drugs

feat Garcia Cesar

19-year-old Cesar Garcia was charged with domestic assault after beating his father during a conversation about him having drugs.

Strangled girlfriend stops car and fights back with golf club; incident recorded by witness

29-year-old Marquil Washington was charged with domestic assault after strangling and striking his girlfriend while she was driving in North Memphis, who attempted to fight back in defense by retrieving a golf club from the trunk of her vehicle, per report.