Boyfriend shoots woman in the collarbone after she ends relationship #Petty

feat Petty Taylor

27-year-old Taylor Petty was charged with aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon after he shot his girlfriend when she ended the relationship and then drove her to the hospital, dropped her off at the door, and drove away, per report.

Ex-boyfriend charged with stalking ends up in hospital with chest pain #brokenhearted

feat Rogers Deablo

43-year old Deablo Rogers was charged with stalking after he went to his ex-girlfriend’s house, demanded to see her, and refused to leave. When police arrived, he complained of chest pain and was taken to the hospital.

Memphis woman stabs boyfriend in the back after argument turns violent

feat Harris Ronnisha

28-year old Ronnisha Harris was charged with aggravated assault after a verbal argument turned violent when she stabbed her boyfriend in the back.

Man charged with rape after witness fights him off unconscious female

38-year-old Luther Walker was charged with aggravated rape after a passing bystander witnessed him attempting to rape an unconscious female and had to fight him off twice prior to police arrival.

Erratic patron vandalizes coin return machine at Chester’s Truck Stop and bites officer

33-year-old Robert Spivey was charged with aggravated assault on an officer, resisting arrest, and vandalism after he damaged a coin return machine at Chester’s Truck Stop while acting erratic and bit a police officer during detainment.

Millington teen gets forked by her cousin on her 18th birthday

18-year-old Deja Yanov was charged with domestic assault after striking her cousin in the face and neck with a closet rod and in response was stabbed in the arm and leg with a fork, per report.

Neighbor accidentally shoots woman and a stroller with child inside

41-year-old Steven Alley was charged with reckless endangerment and aggravated assault when he negligently discharged his firearm and it struck a woman and her baby’s stroller with the child inside.

Memphis rapper unintentionally shoots woman with AR-15

23-year-old Joshua “9hunnit Racko” Alexander was charged with nine counts of reckless endangerment after accidentally shooting a woman at the River Trace Apartments with an AR-15. The bullet pierced through the woman’s chest, resulting in her transportation to Methodist North and Regional One hospitals for medical clearance.

Memphis man charged after crack house argument

50-year-old William Walls was charged with domestic assault against his own brother after they got into an argument about leaving him at a crack house the night before.

Sister fight: One cuts the other for pushing her face

25-year-old Jasmine Strayhorn and 24-year-old Jewel Strayhorn were charged with assaulting each other when Jewel spoke to Jasmine’s daughter in a way she didn’t like that resulted in face pushing and cutting.