TN man found with partially severed penis at Bojangles after wife bites it off

41-year-old Jerry Anderson was charged with aggravated rape, aggravated assault, and domestic assault after strangling his wife until she passed out and forcing his penis into her mouth as she regained consciousness. Police found him at a middle Tennessee Bojangles with his partially-severed penis.

Woman yells and cusses when caught shoplifting with accomplices at Walmart

19-year-old Nadia Hardy was charged with theft of property and disorderly conduct when she and two accomplices, one of whom was a juvenile, were caught trying to lift merchandise and she caused a kerfuffle.

Memphis man damages two vehicles when confronted about stolen ice cream

feat Hines, Michael

31-year-old Michael Hines was charged with theft of merchandise and vandalism when gas station employees confronted him for theft of ice cream and he caused over $8,000 in damage to their cars, per report.

Woman tries to run her ex-boyfriend over twice in front of their child

24-year-old Kymari Brown was charged with aggravated assault when she tried to run her ex-boyfriend over during an argument while picking their child up from him.