Co-parents brawl over visitation of 5-month-old daughter

25-year-old Rashad Hawkins was charged with aggravated domestic assault and 19-year-old Angel Perry was charged with domestic assault after they got into a fight over their child which resulted in him pulling a knife on her after she forced her way into his apartment.

Teen causes ruckus while being released from jail to be put right back in after spitting on deputies

18-year-old Keveauna Rice was charged with assault, disorderly conduct, resisting official detention, and vandalism after snatching down signs on jail walls and damaging a deputy’s vehicle.

Deputies find woman crying and bloody; she screams and resists when they attempt to help

32-year-old Karah Bobo was charged with disorderly conduct and public intoxication after deputies attempted to help her while she was crying and appeared to be in what they stated was a mental crisis due to being intoxicated.

Son happy after assault charge for telling mom: “Bitch I will burn this MF-er down and kill you!”

21-year-old Derek Garner was charged with domestic assault when his mom told him his friends had to leave and he told her “Bitch I will burn this motherfucker down and kill you” before strangling her and punching her in the face.

Memphis teen charged after pimping out 16-year-old #HardOutHereForAPimp

19-year-old Cedric Williamson was charged with trafficking sex and promoting prostitution of a 16-year-old girl. This was all due to a phone call made from the victim’s mother, who stated that she was held against her will and physically abused.

Statutory rape arrest: Mom spoils the fun

19-year-old Demetrice Ceazer was charged with statutory rape after the victim’s mother called police because she suspected her 13-year-old daughter and Demetrice were engaging in sexual activity.