Baby momma cuts man’s face over his new girlfriend, per report

39-year-old Natosha Hooker was charged with aggravated assault after she cut her child’s father from his ear to his mouth when she confronted his girlfriend, per report.

Fugitive charged after search reveals three used syringes

33-year-old Clay Ruddell was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia and evading arrest after he ran from the police with three used syringes in his jacket, per report.

Man arrested for panhandling again: same officer, same location, same crime

61-year-old Victor Webb was charged with aggravated criminal trespassing after he was found panhandling at a location he was told that he is no longer allowed to visit.

Man found with ecstasy during traffic stop for illegal window tint

feat Danner Samuel

38-year old Samuel Danner was charged with possession of ecstasy with intent, illegal window tint, and improper display of registration after he was pulled over for sitting in a parking lot and then tried to leave when he saw officers watching him.

Man attacking ex-girlfriend inside gas station bathroom stopped by store clerk

28-year-old Laron Moon was charged with domestic assault after attacking his ex-girlfriend in the bathroom of a Valero gas station until a store clerk intervened and separated them, per report.