Police witness woman flee Walgreens with $227 in stolen items

29-year-old Alexandria Bell was charged with theft of merchandise after police witnessed her exit a Walgreens store with $227.17 of unpurchased items.

Shoplifter runs from police after stealing various soap items from Walgreens

42-year-old Sheronia Jones was charged with theft of merchandise, possession of drug paraphernalia, and resisting official detention when she was caught stealing various soap items from a local Walgreens and then tried to run off but was caught by a police officer that was waiting in line.

Woman identifies herself in case photos; charged with theft and credit card fraud

42-year-old Kissie Cunningham was charged with theft of property and three counts of credit card fraud when two women reported their wallets were lifted from their offices and Kissie identified herself in footage utilizing the stolen card.

Man throws Cheetos and punches at ex-girlfriend after stealing from her, per report

26-year-old Daniel Downs was charged with domestic assault and theft of property after he stole $225 from his ex-girlfriend, threw Cheetos at her head, and began punching her in the face and chest before pushing her out of the car, per report.