Zaria Houston steals $1,326 worth of items from Amazon Fulfillment Center to get her car fixed


18-year-old Zaria Houston was taken into custody for theft at the Amazon Fulfillment Center on New Allen Road on May 20th. Around 5:06 p.m., Linnear Shaheed, the assistant manager for loss prevention, called the police to the Center regarding an employee, Houston, being detained for stealing merchandise. Upon arrival, Shaheed advised them that, on May 10th, she was observed taking two 2nd Generation Apple AirPod Pros and placing them under her shirt before returning to her workstation. Then, on May 8th, there is footage showing Houston putting a pink Series 9 Apple Watch in her waistband. Also, Shaheed gave them footage from April 28th, where she took a black Series 9 Apple Watch, adding that the total of the items was $1,326.00. Houston later admitted to stealing the property to get her car fixed. Houston was detained for the occurrence.