Markayla Herron caught driving stolen 2022 Kia Soul with no driver’s license


21-year-old Markayla Herron was taken into custody for theft and not having a valid driver’s license on May 22nd, 2024. Officers observed a 2022 Kia Soul near Watkins Street and Signal Street that was reported stolen on January 29th, 2023, out of Nashville, Tennessee. Officers conducted a traffic stop, where they spoke with Herron, who stated the Kia was a gift from her boyfriend, Charles Townsend. After officers detained Herron, she provided officers with paperwork showing the car was purchased from a Memphis Auction. Deputies investigated and later discovered that the documents she provided were not authentic. Herron later pleaded ignorance and said she did not know how Townsend obtained the vehicle. Herron was taken into custody and charged with theft of property and driving without a license.

Quintessa Wise jailed for involvement in theft of $610 worth of merchandise from Gordon’s Food Service


41-year-old Quintessa Wise was taken into custody for theft on May 22nd, 2024. On March 7th, 2023, deputies were called to Gordon’s Food Service, where they spoke with Mary Reaster, Loss Prevention Regional Manager at the establishment. Reaster filed a report stating that between December 11th, 2022, and February 19th, 2023, an employee, Wise, while working at the business, grabbed several items and walked past the checkout without paying. Reaster added that Wise was aided by other employees working the register and returned the favor whenever she was the cashier. Gordon’s Food Service lost $610.06 because of the incidents. On May 1st, 2023, the store manager, Matt Makowski, identified Wise in a six-person lineup. A warrant was issued for her arrest on May 14th, 2023. Wise was later detained for the occurrence on May 22nd, 2024.

Amy Edge found sleeping in stolen Chevy Malibu at Marathon gas station


42-year-old Amy Edge and Jesse Cogbill were found sleeping in a stolen gold 2014 Chevy Malibu behind the Elvis Presley Boulevard Marathon gas station around 8:16 a.m. on April 22nd. Upon arrival, officers noticed this and contacted the owner, Charlie Caswell, who stated that his Malibu had been stolen from his driving school on Clifton Avenue. When officers met with Caswell, they viewed a video that showed them stealing his car, wearing the same clothing they were found in. Caswell advised them that the Malibu was worth $8,268.00 and that she did not allow them to use it. Edge admitted to stealing the Malibu and was jailed for theft. Then, after being released, she was taken back into custody on May 22nd.

Aaliyah Coleman booked on warrant out of Arkansas


21-year-old Aaliyah Dolarce Gabr Coleman was taken into custody for being a fugitive from justice without a warrant on May 23rd. The Shelby County Sheriff’s Office received a hit from the National Crime Information Center, showing that Coleman had an outstanding warrant for terroristic threats and domestic assault in Arkansas. It was confirmed with the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office. She was then detained for the incident.

Jameccia Adams attacks boyfriend for talking to other women


23-year-old Jameccia Adams and her boyfriend, Keith Glover, matched the description of two individuals involved in a fight at the Sycamore View Road Fairview Inn Motel in the early hours of May 28th. Officers located the couple and spoke with Glover, who had visible injuries, and advised them that he and Admas argued over him talking to other women. According to Glover, Adams became violent and started punching him in the face, leaving a cut on his face and lip. When Adams talked with officers, she admitted that she became angry and attacked him. Adams was then taken into custody for domestic assault.

Kenil’Yah Sherron stomps on mother’s back for missing son’s appointment


21-year-old Kenil’Yah Sherron had a domestic altercation with her mother, Shondra Sherron, at their Egypt Central Road residence around 4:50 p.m. on May 21st. When officers arrived, they spoke with Shondra, who stated that Kenil’Yah had become upset that Shondra missed her son’s autism appointment and threw Leggos at her head. When Shondra tried to walk away, Kenil’Yah walked to the back room and punched her in the back of her head, causing her to fall into the closet, which was when she started stomping on her back. Kenil’Yah spoke with officers, telling them she got mad at her mom for missing her son’s appointment and not picking up his check. Kenil’Yah Sherron was then taken into custody for domestic assault.

Nova Michael caught in GMC Yukon with 3 grams of meth


43-year-old Nova Michael was taken into custody for felony possession of methamphetamine on May 21st. Around 6:40 p.m., Appling Farms Task Force officers were called to Summer Avenue and Tillman Avenue regarding a black GMC Yukon. They located the Yukon parked at the Summer Avenue car wash and converged on it, during which an unknown white male took off running, dropping a handgun before officers lost sight of him. Officers discovered Michael was sitting in the passenger seat and detained her. She advised deputies that the white male’s name was Justin Jones. During a subsequent search of the vehicle, they found a white powdery substance, later identified as 3.1 grams of methamphetamine, in a small plastic baggie in the center console underneath the radio and a glass pipe in the backseat.

Inesha Sawyer steals over $3,000 from New York Investment Group LLC


27-year-old Inesha Sawyer was taken into custody for theft and forgery on May 21st. Yuvraj Arora, the owner of the Elvis Presley Boulevard Holiday Inn, called the police to his establishment regarding an employee, Sawyer, who had been stealing from the business and was currently on site. Arora said that on May 17th, a First Horizon Bank representative called him, asking if he knew someone named “Inesha Sawyer.” After he told her she was an employee, she asked if the business deposited several checks into her account due to them having six different checks made out to her from the New Your Investment Group LLC. On May 13th, three checks were deposited, totaling $1,706.03; two checks on May 18th, totaling $1,150, into her Navy Federal, and one to her account for $545.97. Arora advised that those were unauthorized transactions. Sawyer gave a statement denying that she authorized those deposits. Once she was confronted by the owner, Arora, and general manager, Tina Minor, at work regarding the checks, she claimed that her account had been hacked.

Tanya Willhite caught in stolen 2015 Chrysler Town & Country at Big Daddy’s Pawn


47-year-old Tanya Willhite was observed riding as a passenger while Thomas Willhite drove a stolen 2015 Chrysler Town & Country at the Saint Francis Hospital on May 21st. Officers ran the tag and discovered it had been reported stolen out of Kingman, Kansas, on May 2nd. Officers then followed the van to Big Daddy’s Pawn on Hickory Hill Road, where they converged on the vehicle and detained them for the incident. The NADA value of the vehicle is $8,450. Tanya Willhite was taken into custody for theft.

Hailey Gillihan steals man’s $4,500 utility trailer & sells it on Facebook Marketplace


32-year-old Hailey Gillihan was taken into custody for theft on May 21st, 2024. On October 2nd, 2023, around 3 a.m., Larry Yarbro’s $4,500 black 16-foot utility trailer was stolen from his Salem Road residence. On October 9th, 2023, detectives were advised that Johnny Mabry had bought the utility trailer from Facebook Marketplace on October 6th, 2023, adding that he had a “strange feeling” that the trailer may have been stolen. Then, officers contacted Mabry, who provided pictures of the trailer, confirming it was Yarbro’s. He said he inquired with the user “Hailey Gillihan,” who posted it on Marketplace and arranged to meet at the Brownsville Walmart to sell it. Then, Mabry stated two white males arrived with a 16-foot trailer that was not the one they had advertised. This caused Mabry to become suspicious of them, asking why it was different, to which one of them replied, “This is my uncle’s trailer, who died and left it to me.” Mabry said that after he told them he was uninterested, they said, “Make me an offer. I need gas money to get back to Memphis,” leading to Mabry purchasing it for $600. He made the seller sign a bill of sale, who used the name “Dennis Silverman” with a Carter Road residence address. Detectives later identified Dennis’s real name as “Dennis Sullivan.” Officers then found reports of an intimate relationship between him and Gillihan. Mabry returned the stolen trailer to officers and identified Sullivan as the seller in a six-person lineup. Mabry noted Sullivan was “the one who did all the talking and the person he handed $600 to.” A warrant was issued for Gillihan’s arrest on October 16th, 2023. She was later detained for the occurrence on May 21st, 2024.