Khaylin Johnson spits on woman, punches her in liquor store


22-year-old Khaylin Johnson was involved in an altercation with Heaven Newell at the Fountain Liquor store on December 31st, 2022. Newell contacted law enforcement, stating that Johnson came into the store while she was at the mentioned location and tried to fight her. Newell went on to tell law enforcement that Johnson spat at her twice and started punching her, so they fought. Officers observed several bumps and bruises on Newell’s forehead. Newell positively identified Johnson in a six-person lineup as her assaulter. Kaylin Johnson was then taken into custody and charged with assault on May 22nd, 2024.

Trinika Woodard assaults multiple officers after being found walking with no shoes or pants on


35-year-old Trinika Woodard was involved in an altercation with law enforcement on May 22nd. Officers J. Wetzel and E. Brown observed Woodard walking down Riverdale Road without shoes or pants. When they went to check on Woodard’s well-being, she pulled away from them. Officers then attempted to detain Woodard, but she grabbed Officer Brown and scratched the right side of her face. Officer Wetzel grabbed Woodard to get her off Brown, but Woodard struck him in the head. Trinika Woodard was then taken into custody and charged with two counts of assault to a first responder and resisting arrest.

Amber Bennett uses golf club to destroy woman’s Toyota Scion during altercation


34-year-old Amber Bennett was involved in an altercation with Jacqueline Wilkes at Bennett Avenue on May 22nd. Wilkes contacted law enforcement, stating that Bennett assaulted her and damaged her property. When officers arrived, Wilkes told them that Bennett had knocked on her door and asked her husband, Dominque (Wilkes’s son), to come outside. According to Wilkes, when Dominque didn’t come outside, Bennett ripped the Ring doorbell off the door and then used a golf club she brought to damage the windshield and hood of Wilkes’s Toyota Scion. Once Wilkes went outside to confront Bennett, Bennett ripped the gown off of Wilkes, hit her in the back of the head, and then ripped a plug out of Bennett’s hair. Dominque ran outside and separated both of them. Wilkes and Dominque left in their respective cars. When Bennett noticed Dominque had left, Wilkes said Bennett returned and threw a large rock through her food truck, damaging a hotbox food prep unit on the front porch. Amber Bennett was taken into custody and charged with assault and vandalism.

Amanda Williams tells police “f**k you I’m going to kill you” after kicking them during arrest


30-year-old Amanda Williams was seen assaulting Officers at Westys Restaurant on Main Street on July 27th, 2023. Williams was sitting at the bar demanding money back after she had consumed an alcoholic beverage. When officers arrived on the scene, they witnessed Williams shouting obscenities and threatening staff as well. She was asked to leave several times, but she refused. Officers escorted Williams out of the restaurant, and while they were walking out, she began swinging, striking, and kicking at them. While Officers attempted to place Williams in the backseat of the police car, she began shouting, “fuck you, I’m going to kill you,” before kicking and striking officers more. Williams was charged with assault on a first responder and resisting arrest.

Kenil’Yah Sherron stomps on mother’s back for missing son’s appointment


21-year-old Kenil’Yah Sherron had a domestic altercation with her mother, Shondra Sherron, at their Egypt Central Road residence around 4:50 p.m. on May 21st. When officers arrived, they spoke with Shondra, who stated that Kenil’Yah had become upset that Shondra missed her son’s autism appointment and threw Leggos at her head. When Shondra tried to walk away, Kenil’Yah walked to the back room and punched her in the back of her head, causing her to fall into the closet, which was when she started stomping on her back. Kenil’Yah spoke with officers, telling them she got mad at her mom for missing her son’s appointment and not picking up his check. Kenil’Yah Sherron was then taken into custody for domestic assault.

Jametria Stevenson threatens to kill girlfriend after beating her up in car


33-year-old Jametria Stevenson was involved in a domestic altercation with her girlfriend, Jayda Bell, near a Park and Highland residence on May 27th. Officers spoke with Bell, who stated she was in a car with Stevenson, and they began arguing, which led to a fistfight inside the vehicle. During their altercation, Stevenson punched Bell in the nose and head. Bill then exited the car and ran off before Stevenson drove the vehicle around, looking for her. Stevenson then found Bell, and they started fighting again. Bell then ran off, hid from Stevenson in some bushes, and called officers. Bell informed officers that this is when Stevenson found her hiding and approached her with a pocket knife in her hand, threatening Bell, saying, “I’m gonna kill you.” Bell proceeded to run off again before she flagged down officers, identifying Stevenson and the vehicle as she was driving by. Officers initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle, located Stevenson in the driver’s seat, and placed her into custody. Officers also observed the pocket knife in the driver’s seat. Officers noticed Bell’s bloody nose and knot on her forehead. Stevenson was taken into custody for aggravated assault and domestic violence.

Fabian Chambers threatens neighbor with gun for his mother #MommasBoy


27-year-old Fabian Chambers and his mother, Tammie Knowles, had an altercation with their neighbor, Shereese Johnson, at her Larose Avenue residence around 9 p.m. on May 9th. Johnson told responding officers that she and Knowles had a disagreement, during which Chambers dropped off her clothing on the street in front of Johnson’s house. Knowles told Chambers, “Go get the gun and spray her ass,” to which he replied, “Okay, momma, I’m going to get the gun, and I’ll be back to shoot her!” Chambers then drove away in a gray Infiniti. Knowles told Johnson, “Bitch, I will kill you and get away with it!” When Chambers returned, he gave officers his license but refused to let them search him for a weapon. On May 11th, Johnson positively identified Chambers. Chambers was taken into custody for assault on May 26th.

Lashakita Jefferson punches multiple teachers in face at Sherwood Middle School


34-year-old Lashakita Shenika Jefferson scuffled with her son’s teachers, Lakesia Young and Marquatta Page, at Sherwood Middle School on April 25th. On April 26th, Young and Page provided officers with statements regarding the incident. They advised them that they work with Special Ed students and that a 13-year-old male student, Jefferson’s son, was acting out, destroying school property. They tried to call Jefferson multiple times to pick up her son but could not reach her for about three hours. Once Jefferson arrived, she could not control her son, so Young and Page used a technique they’ve been trained to utilize with Special Ed students to escort him outside the school. Jefferson felt that they were in the wrong for how they were handling her son, and when they got outside, she punched Young in the face. Jefferson then pulled Young to the ground by her hair, where she continued striking her. Then, when Page tried to intervene, Jefferson also punched her in the face. Young and Page separately identified Jefferson in a photo lineup. A warrant was issued for her arrest. Jefferson was taken into custody for two counts of assault on May 20th.

Larrisha Richards assaults cheer coach during competition after argument about her son


28-year-old Larrisha Brineke Richards had an altercation with a cheer coach, Kynedi Cole, during a cheer competition at Kate Bond Elementary School on March 3rd. Cole notified the principal, stating that she was approached by a parent, later identified as Richards, who wanted to know why she had Richard’s son in the camera view on a video chat call. When Cole assured Richards her son was not in the video, Richards started pushing Cole’s face with her finger, sparking a fight. On March 27th, the principal told Cole to report the incident to the police, who reviewed the footage, showing Richards initiating the scuffle and Cole defending herself. On April 12th, Cole identified Richards in a six-person lineup. A warrant was issued for her arrest on April 29th. Richards was taken into custody for assault on May 20th.

Alexus Pettis threatens woman in front of police, tells her she was going to “beat her a**!”

28-year-old Alexus Lavette Pettis had an altercation with Dneshia Anderson at her Briercrest Lane apartment around 7:45 p.m. on May 16th. When officers arrived, they observed Anderson’s girlfriend walking inside Pettis’s apartment, so they went to detain her. As officers did this, Pettis started to threaten Anderson, saying she was going to “smack and beat her a**.” Officers asked her to stop, but she continued and told Anderson to leave. While waiting for her to leave, Pettis ran inside and locked officers out of her unit, where, according to Anderson, she hit her on the head. Pettis was taken into custody for assault on May 17th.