Destiny Anthony jailed after harassing her children’s guardian

23-year-old Destiny Anthony was arrested on October 18th for reportedly harassing her children’s legal guardian, Jamie Porter, on numerous occasions between August and September. Porter spoke with officers on the 25th of August and showed them threatening texts that her niece, Anthony, had sent the day before. Officers were advised that Anthony was angry due to Porter having custody of her children. Texts from Anthony stating, “If I can’t have em none of you b*tchess [sic] ain’t gone have them” and “You n your kids n mines gone die tonight I stamp that hoe” were observed by officers. Porter showed officers Anthony’s texts from August 25th that had her concerned for her safety stating, “I am at your house if I catch you coming out the house I’m sh**ting you dead in your face.” Anthony’s identity was confirmed via Porter as she called her and put her on speaker phone in front of officers. Then, on September 5th, Porter contacted officers again regarding threats being sent from Anthony from a few days prior, stating that she was going to have someone burglarize Porter’s house, even after being told not to contact her again.

Jonie Bowen jailed for prostitution and indecent exposure near SouthEast Motel in Memphis

23-year-old Jonie Bowen was one of several females who were congregating, waving at passersby in front of The Southeast Motel, which is on the Attorney General’s No Trespass Program due to being known for violent crimes, prostitution, and illegal narcotic distribution, during the evening hours of October 20th. Officer Tulo responded to a complaint call regarding the possibility of numerous female sex workers at Lamar Avenue. Upon arrival, Officer Tulo activated his blue lights and was able to detain Bowen after a short foot pursuit. Bowen denied occupying a room at the Southeast Motel and was observed to be wearing black see-through lingerie, exposing her body parts to the public, as she loitered. Bowen told officers that she was previously charged with the manifestation of prostitution in Dallas, Texas. Officers placed Bowen in custody for criminal trespassing, evading arrest, prostitution, and indecent exposure.

Woman tries to run her ex-boyfriend over twice in front of their child

24-year-old Kymari Brown was charged with aggravated assault when she tried to run her ex-boyfriend over during an argument while picking their child up from him.

Memphis man charged with disorderly after calling police “b*tch a** hoes”

21-year-old Brandon Morgan was charged with disorderly conduct after he was involved in a car accident and got upset with police when he wasn’t allowed to get his items out before it was towed by causing a disturbance and calling officers “b*tch a** hoes”, per report.

Son happy after assault charge for telling mom: “Bitch I will burn this MF-er down and kill you!”

21-year-old Derek Garner was charged with domestic assault when his mom told him his friends had to leave and he told her “Bitch I will burn this motherfucker down and kill you” before strangling her and punching her in the face.

20-year-old charged with selling Ecstasy pills on Pope St.

20-year-old Calvin Beason is released on his own recognizance after Memphis Police Detectives found him selling Ecstasy pills on Pope St. Thursday, in a make-shift drive-thru service while he sat on a milk crate.

Woman tells ex-girlfriend she’ll use her bag of sex toys on someone else, police say.

Memphis Police were dispatched to Wingood Circle on Thursday in response to a domestic incident between Reginal Stovall and her ex-girlfriend, Jazmine McGhee. If you are expecting fireworks, you won’t be disappointed.

Shoplifting: Woman tells police liquor bottle ‘accidentally slipped into her pocket’

Adelaide Walker told Memphis Police when she was adjusting the taser in her pocket a bottle of liquor must have accidentally slipped into her pocket, unbeknownst to her. She was placed under arrest, charged with theft of merchandise, and transported to booking.