Woman pummels husband’s face after he asks for divorce

32-year old Sara Bailey was charged with domestic assault after her husband asked for a divorce and she stated that she remembered hitting him but not knowing how many times nor trying to run him over with her car.

“Hell hath no fury”: Aggravated ex shoots handgun at former boo and his new flame

24-year-old Shakenya Jenkins was charged with two counts of aggravated assault when she busted shots at her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend while chasing them in her vehicle, per report.

Millington teen gets forked by her cousin on her 18th birthday

18-year-old Deja Yanov was charged with domestic assault after striking her cousin in the face and neck with a closet rod and in response was stabbed in the arm and leg with a fork, per report.

Memphis protester resists when placed into custody for blocking traffic and threatening police

33-year-old Likisha Clark was charged with refusing to obey orders given to her during a protest while inciting others to not listen to the police. When police were instructed to place her into custody she resisted.

Rowdy woman tells officers she smoked a blunt and took a “4 bar” to “get on her level”

36-year-old Tameka Mathis was charged with driving under the influence, driving on a suspended license, violation of registration law, resisting official detention, refusal to submit to BAC test, possession of marijuana, and possession of contraband in a penal facility when officers found her inebriated and soiled in her vehicle at a convenience store and was then found with marijuana during booking.

Daughter attempts to flatten mother after arguing about a curfew

19-year-old Aureyauna Shaw was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after she was involved in an argument with her mother over having a curfew. When she was kicked out of the house, she attempted to run her mother over and hit her car.

Thug grandma whomps neighbor woman with a golden towel holder

56-year-old Kathy Bennett was charged with aggravated assault and aggravated burglary when she burst into another tenant’s room and thrashed her with a gold dish towel holder. Bennett is the same woman charged in 2013 for attacking a 9-year-old with her pit bull.

Memphis woman threatens to shoot roommate over key

24-year-old Alexis Ball was charged with aggravated assault after being involved in an altercation with her roommate about missing money where she then pointed a gun at her saying “You ain’t gonna leave without me getting this key you’re gonna get shot”, per report.

Wife holds broken bottle to husband’s throat when he does not let her see their kids

34-year-old Tonya Martinez was charged with aggravated assault when she threatened to kill her husband for not letting her see her kids. She broke a bottle and held it to his throat before cutting herself with it.

Memphis woman’s ‘fowl’ play on boyfriend caught on Zaxby’s security footage

31-year-old Precious Braxton was charged with domestic assault after she hit her boyfriend in the arm and chest during an argument at a local Zaxby’s. Officers observed the incident on security footage.