Man charged with domestic assault after beating girlfriend and throwing her out of his house

Feat Murphy Clint

38-year-old Clint Murphy was charged with domestic assault after attacking his girlfriend during an argument because he accused her of cheating on him.

Man found at mama’s house after punching and strangling former girlfriend

29-year-old Fredzoderick Wicks was charged with domestic assault after punching and strangling his ex-girlfriend when he found another male in her home. He was taken into custody at his mother’s home.

Love Hurts: Memphis man punches girlfriend in the neck and breaks her phone

20-year-old Gianni Byrd was charged with domestic assault when he became upset with his girlfriend, punched her in the neck, and broke her cell phone.

Memphis man tries to get freaky with roommate; charged with sexual battery

25-year-old Johnathan Huffman was charged with sexual battery after he was reported by his roommate for making unwanted sexual advances on her, per report.

Memphis man records and uploads to adult video “hub” without woman’s consent

34-year-old Kenneth Hamilton was charged with four counts of unlawful photographing in violation of privacy after being reported by a woman for recording their sexual encounters without her knowledge and later uploading them to an adult site. A second woman reported that he sent her a text message with a still shot of a video of them and said “Remember this?”

17-year-old charged as adult after holding family at gunpoint and spitting on police

17-year-old Kandarius McBride was charged with five counts of assault, evading arrest, and resisting detention when he brandished a weapon toward a family then fled in the grandmother’s car. He also experienced two seizures during transport.

Memphis man flees scene of accident; caught replacing tires shortly after

38-year-old Jessie Williams was charged with failure to exercise due care, driving with a revoked license, driving under the influence, and leaving the scene of an accident after he rammed his Chevrolet Avalanche into another vehicle and was located after getting his tires replaced.

Son happy after assault charge for telling mom: “Bitch I will burn this MF-er down and kill you!”

21-year-old Derek Garner was charged with domestic assault when his mom told him his friends had to leave and he told her “Bitch I will burn this motherfucker down and kill you” before strangling her and punching her in the face.

‘Raw G’ charged after punching his sister in the face during an argument

23-year-old Reginald Webb (aka Raw G) was charged with domestic assault after he pushed his sister against the wall and punched her in the face during an argument.

Overprotective man assaults girlfriend when she tries to go outside

39-year-old Gary Todd was charged with domestic assault after he was involved in an argument with his girlfriend about going outside. When she attempted to do so, he grabbed her, pulled her hair, and threw her on the couch.