Woman damages boyfriend’s Camaro and his eyes with pepper spray

34-year-old Latoya Hurst was charged with domestic assault, vandalism, and resisting official detention after she threw several items at her boyfriend’s Chevrolet Camaro and pepper-sprayed him in the face.

Fight ensues after woman strike ex-boyfriend with an unknown object; both jailed

26-year-old Kadesha Dowell and 23-year-old Thomas Gabriel were charged with domestic assault after Dowell hit Gabriel with an object, destroyed the window of his car, and his front door before he punched her in the head.

“B*tch you done f*cked now. I’m gonna kill your *ss” says burglar to Family Dollar employee

39-year-old Verdell Sesley was charged with assault, vandalism, and burglary after breaking a window and door lock to a Family Dollar then threaten to kill a woman trying to help him.

Woman destroys boyfriend’s hoodie and Xbox over break-up text

24-year-old Daneisha Johnson was charged with vandalism after destroying her ex-boyfriend’s property while saying that she bought it, she can destroy it.

Woman sits on sister’s couch while overdosing; admits to shooting up heroin

feat Armstrong Kaye

26-year-old Kaye Armstrong was charged with possession of crack cocaine when she told police that she had taken heroin, which caused the overdose, and police found crack in her fanny pack.

Man steals $200 worth of food from momma’s fridge; caught two weeks later

30-year-old Larry Burton was charged with criminal trespass and vandalism after he broke into his mother’s home and stole food from her refrigerator.

Feces-covered suicidal man charged after inserting gun into his father’s mouth

35-year-old Scott Epstein was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after his father admitted that the family was staying the night with him while he was going through alcohol withdrawals.

Sisters catch assault and vandalism charges in knife swinging and car-ramming showdown

22-year-old Karey Macon and 25-year-old Lakiedra Macon were both charged with vandalism with Lakiedra being charged with aggravated assault after Lakiedra took a knife to her ex then rammed her car into his girlfriend’s car and her sister Karey did the same to his car.

Man’s house made holey by ex-girlfriend; doors and walls smashed

25-year-old Deonna Roach was charged with misdemeanor vandalism after her ex-boyfriend reported to police that she kicked all of his doors in and punched holes in all the walls.

Ex-boyfriend renders mother of his infants unconscious, twice; throws mom & babies off bed

26-year-old Ferlundo Divine was charged with vandalism and aggravated assault when he attempted to break into his ex-girlfriend’s house after an argument attacking her multiple times and throwing her infant children to the ground.