Amber Bennett uses golf club to destroy woman’s Toyota Scion during altercation


34-year-old Amber Bennett was involved in an altercation with Jacqueline Wilkes at Bennett Avenue on May 22nd. Wilkes contacted law enforcement, stating that Bennett assaulted her and damaged her property. When officers arrived, Wilkes told them that Bennett had knocked on her door and asked her husband, Dominque (Wilkes’s son), to come outside. According to Wilkes, when Dominque didn’t come outside, Bennett ripped the Ring doorbell off the door and then used a golf club she brought to damage the windshield and hood of Wilkes’s Toyota Scion. Once Wilkes went outside to confront Bennett, Bennett ripped the gown off of Wilkes, hit her in the back of the head, and then ripped a plug out of Bennett’s hair. Dominque ran outside and separated both of them. Wilkes and Dominque left in their respective cars. When Bennett noticed Dominque had left, Wilkes said Bennett returned and threw a large rock through her food truck, damaging a hotbox food prep unit on the front porch. Amber Bennett was taken into custody and charged with assault and vandalism.

Leah Morrow destroys mother’s $800 storm door with pipe


20-year-old Leah Morrow had a domestic altercation with her mother, Lakita Morrow, at her residence on May 3rd. Lakita reported to officers, stating when Leah came over to her home, she was upset and started pushing her and hitting her several times. Then, during the dispute, Leah grabbed a black pipe from the trunk of her vehicle and shattered her storm door, causing $800 worth of damage. Officers noticed Lakita had visible injuries on her elbows and wrists from the occurrence. A warrant was issued for Leah’s arrest on May 11th. Leah Morrow was taken into custody for domestic assault and vandalism on May 21st.

Sean Renner throws fire extinguisher through man’s car window for allegedly “seeing his wife”


30-year-old Sean Renner was taken into custody for vandalism on May 27th. On May 23rd, Kenneth Scarborough, Renner’s father-in-law, called officers to his Bill Knight Avenue residence and told them that his daughter, Lindsey Scarborough, and Renner had separated, adding that he was “controlling” and previously had issues with his anger. Kenneth said Renner had come over earlier and argued with him because he was upset after seeing a black Toyota in Lindsey’s driveway, believing it belonged to another man. Renner then grabbed a fire extinguisher from his truck and threw it at the trunk of the Toyota. He then picked it up again and threw it through the passenger window, causing it to shatter over the seat. Shelley Scarborough, Lindsey’s mom, went out front and yelled at Renner until he ran off. The cost of damage to the Toyota is estimated at $1,000. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was later detained for the incident.

Daijah Jones shoots multiple rounds at ex-boyfriend as he moves into sister’s home

21-year-old Daijah Jones was seen assaulting someone on April 1st and April 2nd at an Addington Drive residence. On the scene, officers spoke with Lamika Jeffreys and Tyreco McDonald. They stated that their residence and vehicles were shot and damaged by Daijah Jones. Jeffreys stated that her brother, McDonald, had moved into the residence on April 1st after ending a year-long relationship with Jones. McDonald told officers that earlier in the day, he had observed a white Nissan driving slowly past the residence as he was moving in. Surveillance showed the white Nissan drive to the front of the house and open fire on both April 1st and April 2nd. The garage of the residence, the tire on Jeffrey’s vehicle, and the hood of McDonald’s vehicle were struck by the bullets, the damage totaling $2,003. Jefferys, McDonald, and Jeffreys’s juvenile son were inside the residence during both shootings.

On April 5th, Jeffreys arrived at Jones’ residence and observed the exact white Nissan in the area being driven by Jones. Jeffreys contacted officers after noticing Jones following her vehicle. Investigators conducted a formal interview with Jeffreys and McDonald, and they both successfully identified Jones as the person responsible. Ross Fields, a witness, also stated that he had seen the white Nissan fire shots from the vehicle. Fields also stated that he had seen the car being driven to a Loch Lomond Road residence. McDonald also had an order of protection against Jones. Jones was taken into custody on May 18th for two counts of aggravated assault, one count of reckless endangerment with a real weapon, one count of discharging a firearm into a habitation, three counts of discharging from within a motor vehicle two counts of vandalism, and two counts of violating a protection order on May 19th.

Diona Hale attempts to run sister over multiple times after punching her during argument


27-year-old Diona Hale was booked on May 14th after assaulting her sister on Blacksmith Drive. Terrinka Miller told police that her sister arrived, and they began arguing until Hale punched her in the head. The two then began to fight until family members separated them. Hale then got into her car and accelerated, attempting to run her sister over. Miller tried to take cover behind a parked vehicle, which Hale struck three times in an attempt to hit her sister. The parked vehicle totaled approximately $2,500 in damages. Officers observed injuries on Miller, and Hale was taken into custody.

Monica Murrell throws brick through windshield of 2014 Ford Fusion


52-year-old Monica Murrell was seen vandalizing a 2014 Ford Fusion on April 21st. Starling Jefferson observed Murrell breaking the front and rear windshields and the rear driver’s side window of Alonzo Lewis’ car. Later, on April 24th, Lewis and Jefferson provided law enforcement with a video recording of Murrell’s statement regarding vandalism. Jefferson stated that he witnessed Murrell throw a brick through Lewis’s rear windshield. Monica Murrell was taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

Ana Rodriguez vandalizes woman’s car after argument


63-year-old Ana Rodriguez was involved in an altercation with Angel Antunes at Jackson Avenue on May 11th. Ana’s daughter, Mixie Rodriguez, was driving her and her two kids when they all got involved in a wreck with Angel. Mixe told officers that Angel and her mother exited their vehicles and started arguing. After the argument, Ana and Angel began vandalizing each other’s vehicles. When officers spoke with Ana and Angel, they both admitted to vandalizing each other’s cars. Ana Rodriguez was taken into custody and charged with vandalism.

Latrica Allen busts windows out of home on Raines Road


39-year-old Latricia Allen had an altercation with Gevonia White at White’s Raines Road residence on July 30th, 2023. When officers arrived, they observed Allen throw a book, at White before spitting on her. She had a cut on her left hand from when she busted the window of White’s house. Allen was cited for the occurrence. She failed to appear in court, so a bench warrant was issued for her arrest on September 29th, 2023, and another on February 13th, 2024. Allen was taken into custody for vandalism and assault on May 11th, 2024.

Shatiqua Payton breaks woman’s car window with steering wheel lock, tells her “Get out of the car, so I can whoop ass”


26-year-old Shatiqua Tiara Payton had an altercation with Kandace Corley around 10:45 p.m. on April 10th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Corley, who stated that while on the way to drop Payton off at her vehicle, she received a text message that upset her and decided to get out of her car. Then, Corley said Payton told her, “Get out of the car, so I can whoop ass,” but she refused. Corley said Payton went to her car, grabbed a yellow steering wheel lock, and broke her driver’s side window and license plate holder. This prompted Corley to lock her driver’s side door. In response, Payton went to the passenger side door, opened it, and started hitting Corley on the right side of her face and arm. The assault left bruises and caused Corley to fear for her life. On April 23rd, Corley identified her in a six-person lineup. Payton was taken into custody for assault and vandalism on May 9th.

Shontae Settles vandalizes cousin’s car and steals purse containing over $500


On May 4th, 32-year-old Shontae Settles was seen vandalizing a vehicle and stealing a purse at an Elmo Street residence. On May 5th, officers responded to a theft and vandalism call at the residence, and when they arrived, they spoke with Jereka Seymour and Kala Jones. Seymour claimed that she had gotten into a verbal altercation with her stepsister and niece, Ayanna Grant, and her cousin, Shontae Settles. Seymour claimed that after the situation had gotten heated, she and Jones attempted to leave the area, but Grant opened the door and grabbed the door handle, ripping it off and damaging the interior door panel.

Seymour also stated that Grant took her purse, which contained $533, while the door was open. She feared Grant doing more damage, so she started driving away before being followed by Grant and Settles inside an unknown vehicle. Seymour also communicated to officers that she observed Grant and Settles throwing glass bottles at Jones’s vehicle. She advised that the glass bottles struck the vehicle’s front windshield, causing it to shatter.

On May 6th, Jones and Seymour came into the station, made statements to officers, and positively identified Settles and Grant. Seymour’s purse and contents were estimated to be $733, and the damage to Jones’s vehicle was estimated to be $800. Settles was taken into custody on May 8th and charged with vandalism.