Man and woman caught on camera cutting padlock at U-Stor Storage Unit caught days later

26-year-old Nicholas Tozzi and 33-year-old Amanda Vanelli were charged with criminal attempt burglary they tried to burglarize a storage unit at U-Stor but fled when the alarm was set off to be caught due to video footage 5 days later.

Stolen pistol, pills, weed, and paraphernalia found; man charged, woman cited

22-year-old Anthony Holmes was charged with possession of marijuana, oxycodone, drug paraphernalia, alprazolam, and a weapon after officers found drugs in his pockets and an unclaimed stolen gun inside of a vehicle that he was a passenger in.

Woman threatens assault after her mother denies access to her abode, per report

22-year-old Canasha Phillips was charged with domestic assault after threatening her mother and causing damages to the door of her apartment when she was refused entry.

Man admits to raping 16-year-old girl who was reported as missing

30-year-old Alniko Richards was charged with aggravated statutory rape after he admitted to having sex with a 16-year-old girl in a hotel room.

Man puts girlfriend in headlock, shoves her into car, then leaves; friend reports

21-year-old Charles Johnson was charged with violating bail conditions and assault after he shoves his girlfriend into his car, breaking one of his bail conditions that he received from assaulting her previously.

Permitless shooter stays strapped, doesn’t get clapped; charged after firing handgun

27-year-old Darryl Mickens was charged with possession of a firearm during a commission of a dangerous felony, marijuana, and weapon after he fired rounds at someone that he claimed shot at him first then fled for safety.

Girlfriend shoved to the ground by man while she tries to gather her things to leave

27-year-old Tracy Cross was charged with domestic assault after he pushed his girlfriend to the floor, shattering a glass ashtray that cut both of them.

Father hits woman in the mouth for leaving children at home alone

28-year-old Eslie “OG Squeaky” Morgan was charged with domestic assault after he was upset with his children’s mother for leaving them home alone then slammed her head on the kitchen door.

Man admits to “drinking a little bit” after he wrecks his truck; charged with DUI

24-year-old Ander Lopez was charged with DUI, no driver’s license, and violation of financial law after hitting a Lexus E33 with his Chevrolet Silverado, and police found open beer cans inside his truck.

Man strikes baby mama in the back with a lawn chair

42-year-old Vernon King was charged with domestic assault after throwing a lawn chair at his child’s mother as she tried to leave.