Kaylen Williams bites boyfriend’s chest during altercation


23-year-old Kaylen Williams was involved in a domestic incident at The Nine at Memphis on May 22nd. Williams contacted law enforcement and stated that her boyfriend, Brandon Hudson, assaulted her because she was on the phone with her sister, Kederreca Hodges. According to Williams, Hudson pushed her, picked her up, and slammed her on the bed. She stated that she tried to defend herself by biting and kicking Hudson. After kicking him, Hudson got on top of her, bit her leg, and then left. Williams informed officers that Hodges was on Facetime with her during the incident.

Officers then spoke with Hudson, who stated that Williams blocked the door so he couldn’t leave. Hudson told officers that to leave, he picked Williams up and pushed her to the ground. After being pushed to the ground, Williams got up and bit him, drawing blood from his chest. Both Williams and Hudson were taken into custody. Kaylen Williams was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault.

Erica Fulton assaults her nieces during family brawl at grandma’s house


40-year-old Erica Fulton was involved in an altercation with her niece, Gloria Carr, at her mother’s house on Manassas Street on May 22nd. Carr told officers that while Erica was visiting her mother, Carr’s grandmother, Veronica Fulton, Erica’s sister, started removing Erica’s items from her mother’s room and putting them into her car. Carr stated that this caused Erica to become upset. Carr then began arguing with Erica, which resulted in Erica hitting her with the bedroom door, starting a fight. During the fight, both Erica and Gloria struck each other. Mireyah Fulton, Erica’s other niece, advised that she tried to break up the fight, but Erica struck her as well. Officers observed all parties had various injuries. Officers spoke with Erica, who reeked of alcohol as she stated that both of her nieces jumped her. Officers determined Erica Fulton was the primary aggressor. Erica Fulton was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Jashanti Manning assaults boyfriend with shotgun during argument


20-year-old Jashanti Manning was involved in a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Dorian Bonds, at his South Frence Creek Cove residence on May 21st. When deputies arrived at the mentioned location, they spoke with Manning. Manning stated that she went to Bonds’ house to hang out. While speaking to Bonds, Manning said that she brought up an incident that happened in the past, which made Bonds angry, causing him to hit her in the face multiple times. According to Manning, Bonds did this while she was holding their two-month-old child. After this, Manning went to the kitchen and grabbed two knives to protect herself. Manning, however, told deputies that she didn’t point anything at anybody. Manning went on to say that Bonds and Walter Howard both had guns in their hands. Manning stated Howard pointed the gun at her, telling her, “Don’t come near me.” After seeing this, Manning put the knives down and started looking for her phone and keys so she could leave.

Deputies later spoke with Bonds, who stated that Manning was drunk and wanted to argue about an old incident between them. Bonds told Manning that he was going to leave and that she needed to be gone when he came back because he didn’t want to argue with her. Bonds returned, and Manning was still there. He told deputies that when he came back, he was looking for money but couldn’t find it. When he asked Manning if she had seen it, she said that she had seen it in the car outside. According to Bonds, as he was walking out of the house, Manning picked up a shotgun and threatened to hit him with it. As Bonds turned around towards her, Manning hit him in the head with the bottom of the gun, causing a knot on his head.

Deputies then spoke with Howard, who stated that Manning hit him with a backpack and threw a water bottle at him. Howard admitted to pointing the gun at Manning and said that he only did so because she had two knives in her hand. Howard went on to tell law enforcement that Manning told him that she was going to have her brother come to Bonds’ house and shoot him. Through further investigation, deputies could not determine the primary aggressor, so both parties were taken into custody. Jashanti Manning was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault and aggravated assault on May 22nd.

Jameccia Adams attacks boyfriend for talking to other women


23-year-old Jameccia Adams and her boyfriend, Keith Glover, matched the description of two individuals involved in a fight at the Sycamore View Road Fairview Inn Motel in the early hours of May 28th. Officers located the couple and spoke with Glover, who had visible injuries, and advised them that he and Admas argued over him talking to other women. According to Glover, Adams became violent and started punching him in the face, leaving a cut on his face and lip. When Adams talked with officers, she admitted that she became angry and attacked him. Adams was then taken into custody for domestic assault.

Nikia Bell assaults husband during argument over their dog


On May 21st, 30-year-old Nikia Bell was involved in a domestic altercation with her husband, Derrick Franklin, at their Bellevue Boulevard residence. Officers spoke with Bell, who stated that she was in a physical altercation with Franklin about their dog. Bell told officers that Franklin had struck her, which prompted Bell to fight back, making Franklin leave the residence. Franklin then contacted officers from a nearby location and stood by, waiting for officers to arrive. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Franklin, who stated that his wife had assaulted him during an argument about their dog. Franklin told officers that Bell had gotten in his face while screaming and hit him in the face. Franklin admitted to pushing Bell down to get away from her. Franklin also told officers that as he left the house, Bell chased him out of the house and threw his belongings at him. Officers noticed injuries from both parties and could not determine a primary aggressor. Bell was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Leah Morrow destroys mother’s $800 storm door with pipe


20-year-old Leah Morrow had a domestic altercation with her mother, Lakita Morrow, at her residence on May 3rd. Lakita reported to officers, stating when Leah came over to her home, she was upset and started pushing her and hitting her several times. Then, during the dispute, Leah grabbed a black pipe from the trunk of her vehicle and shattered her storm door, causing $800 worth of damage. Officers noticed Lakita had visible injuries on her elbows and wrists from the occurrence. A warrant was issued for Leah’s arrest on May 11th. Leah Morrow was taken into custody for domestic assault and vandalism on May 21st.

Jennings Benner assaults husband with pocket knife during altercation


38-year-old Jennings Benner was involved in a domestic altercation with her husband, Joseph Zerbe, at his Edenshire Cove residence on May 21st. Officers spoke with Zerbe, who told officers that he had a verbal altercation with Benner, who was intoxicated. Zerbe claims that he was in his bedroom with his son when Benner entered the room and started hitting him. Zerbe notes that after a few physical strikes, Benner struck him with an object that he believed to be a pocket knife. Officers arrived on the scene and observed his head bleeding, as well as video footage of the incident. Benner told officers that Zerbe assaulted her, but the video evidence showed otherwise. Benner was deemed the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Brandon Roark beats wife in front of their 9-year-old daughter


35-year-old Brandon Roark was involved in a domestic altercation with Hope Roark at their Cedar Hills Road residence on May 9th. A video from May 7th showed Hope standing by a black SUV outside their garage with her hands in the air. Brandon then proceeded to charge at Hope and punch her in the head, instantly knocking her to the ground. Their 9-year-old daughter can be heard in the video screaming and begging her father to stop, saying, “Don’t daddy, stop daddy.” Brandon then proceeded to kneel over Hope and punch her two more times before getting up. Concluding the video, a warrant was issued, and Brandon was taken into custody for domestic assault on May 27th.

Gabriel Cole shoots at ex-boyfriend with new boyfriend’s gun


30-year-old Gabriel Cole was involved in an altercation with her ex-boyfriend, Isaiah Kelly, at his sister’s home on Frayser Boulevard on May 27th. When Cole showed up, she and Kelly got into an argument. During the argument, Cole pulled out her gun and fired four to five shots in Kelly’s direction. Cole left before officers arrived but was stopped and detained at Leyton Cove. Cole waived her rights and admitted that she borrowed the gun from her new boyfriend and fired it at Kelly. Gabriel Cole was taken into custody and charged with reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon.

Jeremy Wilson assaulted girlfriend for staying out too late


33-year-old Jeremy Ryan Wilson had a domestic incident with his girlfriend, April Banks, at her Gospel Garden apartment on Tulane Road in the early hours of May 27th. Upon arrival, deputies spoke with Banks, who advised them that Wilson had gotten upset over her staying out late and grabbed her by her neck, threw her on the ground, and kicked her several times. She said he then punched her in the face, which left it swollen, bloody, and bruised. Wilson was then taken into custody for domestic assault.