Martavia Hughes shoots gun at Toyota Corolla during altercation with cousin’s ex-girlfriend


25-year-old Martavia Hughes was booked on an outstanding warrant from September 21st, 2020. That day, police responded to a shooting on Wesley Oaks Circle and spoke to Briana Smith, Brianna Glasper, and Amiracle Glasper. The three of them told police they had been in an all-day feud with Brianna Glasper’s ex-boyfriend, Corterious Atkins, because he stole her car keys and refused to give them back. Smith stated that she drove Briana and Amiracle Glasper to Atkin’s house on Appleville Street to get the keys back. When they arrived, a fight broke out between Atkins and Brianna Glasper, during which she pepper sprayed him in the face. Atkins then called his cousins over to the location. The cousins, Martavia and Jessie, arrived in a silver Nissan Altima. They each fired multiple rounds at all the victims who were in Briana Smith’s Toyota Corolla. There were six shell casings recovered, and officers confirmed the Toyota was hit twice. Martavia Hughes was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault on May 14th, 2024.

Keydriyona Mays steals $9,271 from cash registers while working at Walmart


24-year-old Keydriyona Mays was booked for stealing from Walmart on April 18th. The asset protection officer, Jonathan Linton, reported that one of his employees gained unauthorized access to the cash register keys and took money from four different registers. The money stolen totaled approximately $9,271.25. On April 19th, Linton identified Mays from a photo lineup at the police station, and a warrant was issued for her arrest. Mays was taken into custody for the theft on May 14th.

Diona Hale attempts to run sister over multiple times after punching her during argument


27-year-old Diona Hale was booked on May 14th after assaulting her sister on Blacksmith Drive. Terrinka Miller told police that her sister arrived, and they began arguing until Hale punched her in the head. The two then began to fight until family members separated them. Hale then got into her car and accelerated, attempting to run her sister over. Miller tried to take cover behind a parked vehicle, which Hale struck three times in an attempt to hit her sister. The parked vehicle totaled approximately $2,500 in damages. Officers observed injuries on Miller, and Hale was taken into custody.

Arielle Turner runs over ex-boyfriend in Toyota Corolla after he refused to get back together


34-year-old Arielle Turner was jailed on May 14th after hitting her ex-boyfriend with her car at his home on Wilburn Avenue. Latoya Stitt told officers that Turner knocked on the door asking to speak with her ex-boyfriend Tavares Adams, who is also Stitt’s brother. He then went outside and got into the passenger’s seat of Turner’s 2021 Toyota Corolla, where she talked about the two possibly mending their relationship. Adams refused and got out of the car, which caused Turner to become angry. Turner then drove up the grass hill as Adams walked to get back into his house. Adams told officers that he thought he had dodged being hit by her car but that his hand was struck as Turner drove towards him and opened the passenger side door. Officers later reviewed video footage provided by Latoya, which showed that Turner did hit Adams with her car and showed him rolling off the hood of the vehicle. This is not the first incident of domestic violence displayed by Turner, as she currently had bond conditions for a domestic assault involving Adams on April 9th.

Sheree Kinsey breaks into woman’s home, steals two pairs of Beats headphones worth $200


49-year-old Sheree Kinsey was booked on an outstanding warrant from February when she burglarized a home on Keating Street. Ronesha Jones returned home on February 13th to find electronics missing and made a police report. The stolen items included two pairs of Beats headphones that had a combined value of $200. The headphones’ serial numbers were entered into NCIC as stolen property. On February 21st, officers were notified that two sets of Beats headphones had been pawned at Cash America Pawn of Memphis on Park Avenue that matched the serial numbers of Jones’ stolen headphones. The name on the transaction documents was Sheree Kinsey, and a warrant was ordered for her arrest. Kinsey was taken into custody and charged with theft on May 14th.

Marika Hill jailed for attempting to help boyfriend evade police


28-year-old Marika Hill was booked on May 13th for driving the getaway car for her boyfriend as he fled from police. Police were dispatched to Bontura Drive for several active felony warrants on Monterio Toney. Detectives set up a perimeter to find Toney after he fled from the officers. Officers then made contact with Hill, who was driving a vehicle around the area with no tags. She accidentally slipped up and said she was on the phone with her boyfriend, Toney, and was trying to give him a ride to evade police, so she was detained. While in the back of the squad car, Toney called Hill several times, asking where she was.

Tocaria Fields jailed after police find 3.1 grams of meth in her bra


19-year-old Tocaria Fields was booked on an outstanding warrant from December 17th, 2023, when police observed her at New Horizon Apartments on Queensland Drive, where she had been previously banned. When officers placed Ms. Fields into custody, she advised that she had “ice” on her and pulled out a folded piece of paper from her bra containing a white granular substance that tested positive for 3.1 grams of meth. She was jailed on May 13th, 2024, for the incident.

Angela Jardon swings at man with stick before stealing walker


48-year-old Angela Jardon was caught stealing from Percy Gayden at Adams Avenue on May 12th. Officers arrived and spoke with Gayden, who stated that he saw a black woman lying in the grass while he was walking. After he turned around, the black woman came up to him and swung at him with what looked like a black stick. After that, Gayden said the female went into his right pocket, took his wallet, and snatched away his walker. Gayden was able to find officers and flag them further down the street. The unknown woman was identified as Angela Jardon and was taken into custody for aggravated robbery.

Vanity Harris steals $400 worth of merchandise from Target


30-year-old Vanity Harris was seen stealing from a target near Colonel Road on March 15th. When officers arrived, they met with Khalil Hasiyn, a loss prevention employee for Target, who stated that earlier that day, Harris had been inside the business shopping. Hasiyn claimed that Harris stuffed $454.99 worth of items into a black bag before walking out of the store. Hasiyn detained Harris until she could be placed into police custody. 

Monica Murrell throws brick through windshield of 2014 Ford Fusion


52-year-old Monica Murrell was seen vandalizing a 2014 Ford Fusion on April 21st. Starling Jefferson observed Murrell breaking the front and rear windshields and the rear driver’s side window of Alonzo Lewis’ car. Later, on April 24th, Lewis and Jefferson provided law enforcement with a video recording of Murrell’s statement regarding vandalism. Jefferson stated that he witnessed Murrell throw a brick through Lewis’s rear windshield. Monica Murrell was taken into custody and charged with vandalism.