Chaela Toole shoots at women who were hanging out with her boyfriend


34-year-old Chaela Toole was caught after shooting at a Lowell Avenue residence on April 27th. Officers were stopped at an Arlington residence regarding an incident that occurred on Lowell Avenue. Officers spoke with Danisha Watson and Tyonna Meadows, who informed them that they were physically assaulted with a handgun and shot at by Chaela Toole. Both Watson and Meadows had been hanging out with Rufus Bingham, a male friend who is also Ms. Toole’s boyfriend. Toole arrived on the scene uninvited and blocked them in the driveway before exiting and fighting Meadows. Toole was observed to be armed with brass knuckles and a handgun.

Watson and Meadows then claimed that as they fled the scene, they observed Toole raising her handgun and firing several shots at them in traffic from her Dodge Challenger. Watson and Meadows then gave officers a description of Toole to officers. Officers arrived at the Lowell Avenue residence and noticed the Dodge Challenger matching the description, registered to the name Chaela Toole. Investigators interviewed Watson, and she identified Toole as the one responsible for the assault. Watson also stated she was targeted by association and that Toole showed up to confront her boyfriend and Meadows. A warrant was issued, and Toole was taken into custody on May 10th for two counts of Aggravated assault, one count of reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon, and two counts of discharging a firearm from within a motor vehicle.

Terri Morris threatens friend with black handgun during altercation


23-year-old Terri Morris was involved in an altercation with her friend, Terika Keith, at her Farris Circle residence on March 24th, 2023. Keith contacted law enforcement and stated that Morris came to her residence banging on her front door. When Keith opened the door, she saw Morris standing there with a black handgun. According to Keith, Morris pointed the gun at her with a finger on the trigger, yelling, “Where is your sister!” Keith informed law enforcement that Morris was upset because Keith’s sister’s boyfriend accidentally shot himself and died from the results. Keith said that Morris heard from someone that Keith’s sister was the one responsible for his death. Terri Morris was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault.   

Fanny Martinez threatens husband with knife during altercation


44-year-old Fanny Martinez was involved in a domestic incident with her husband, Carlos Garcia, at her Wingood Circle apartment residence on May 10th. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Martinez, who stated that Garcia assaulted her. Martinez claimed that she had asked Garcia not to drink anymore. Garcia then smacked her in the face, hit her in the middle of the back, and fled the scene prior to the officers’ arrival. While officers were on the scene, Garcia walked back to the scene and was shortly identified by Martinez.

Officers then spoke with Garcia, who stated that he was the one who was assaulted by Martinez, showing officers a video of her waving a knife around at him. Garcia admitted he was drinking to officers, also stating that Martinez was upset about how much He had drank. Garcia noted as well that this was when Martinez began to get aggressive with him, and that’s when the verbal altercation turned into them both assaulting each other. Garcia claims Martinez threw him on the ground after striking him on the arm and back. He also says that she got on top of him and continued to assault him. Garcia informs officers that Martinez also threw a glass bottle at him but missed. Officers could not deem a primary aggressor, so Garcia and Martinez were taken into custody.  Investigators spoke with Martinez, and she claimed that she had the knife because she was eating watermelon and was only speaking to Garcia while the knife was in her hand. Officers showed Martinez the video, but she was seen slashing and pointing the knife at Garcia, putting him in fear for his life. Martinez was charged with domestic assault and aggravated assault.

Kamilah Fair stabs boyfriend during argument

33-year-old Kamilah Fair was involved in a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Demetrice Huff, at their East McLemore Avenue residence on March 30th. Hoof told law enforcement that while he was arguing with Fair, she picked up a knife and stabbed him. Officers observed and photographed Huff’s injuries. Kamilah Fair was taken into custody and charged with aggravated domestic assault on April 25th.

Amerle Clark threatens grandchild’s mother with gun

46-year-old Amerle Clark was involved in an altercation with the mother of her son’s child, Jasmine Farris, on April 17th. Farris stated that while she was driving near the intersection of Springdale Street and Chelsea Avenue, she saw Clark in a silver Ford Expedition. According to Farris, Clark proceeded to let her window down and waved a gun at her while yelling. Farris informed law enforcement that there was an ongoing feud from a previous fight between them, which occurred earlier in the day. On April 18th, Farris arrived at the Crump Station and provided them with a recorded video statement describing the incident to have happened. Amerle Clark was then taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault on April 25th.

Melissa Swift cuts girlfriend with knife multiple times during argument

41-year-old Melissa Swift was involved in a domestic incident with her girlfriend, Amanda Gaddy, at a Zelda Lane residence on April 23rd. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Gaddy, who stated that she and Swift got into a verbal altercation that turned physical. Gaddy stated that Swift was armed with a knife and had begun swinging at her, cutting her arms. Gaddy then said that she attempted to grab the knife, which is when she received cuts on her hand. Officers then located Swift hiding in the backyard, and took her into custody. Officers spoke with Swift, who claimed that she did not cut Gaddy. Officers then spoke with the 9-year-old daughter of Gaddy. The child stated she heard her mother screaming to “get off of her.” The child also claimed that she had seen Swift on top of Gaddy with a knife,  attempting to stab her. Swift was charged with domestic assault and aggravated assault.

Precious Whitfield gets tased by police after threatening woman with baseball bat

20-year-old Precious Whitfield threatened Tatia Grady with a baseball bat on Loraine Road on April 20th. Grady called the police, stating she was on the scene of a shooting when Whitfield came at her with a metal bat, placing her in fear of bodily injury. Officers arrived and witnessed the incident. Whitfield then charged at Grady, prompting her to hide behind an officer. Officers had to tase Whitfield to prevent her from striking Grady. Whitfield was taken into custody for aggravated assault.

Nekesta Townsel kicks 15 year old girl in head, hits her with car during dispute

36-year-old Nekesta Denean Townsel had an altercation with Fallon Batts and her 15-year-old daughter, C. Suggs, at a Golden Avenue Residence late April 19th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Batts, who said she told Suggs to get her siblings from Golden Avenue. This is where Townsel approached her and accused her of soliciting. Then, Suggs told her she was on the phone with a friend. This was when Townsel took her Samsung Galaxy 14 cell phone, hung it up, and threw it to the ground, causing it to break. Suggs said Townsel then pushed her several times, sparking a fight, where they fell to the ground. She told officers that Townsel kicked her in the head and then went to her Kia Forte. Townsel then grabbed a steering wheel club and chased Suggs around. Suggs started walking home, during which Townsel entered her car and struck her with it. This left bruises on the left side of Suggs’ head and a cut on her right arm. The cellphone is worth $200. Suggs’s mother, Batts, arrived at the scene in her black Ford Ranger and blocked Townsel in. Townsel then rammed Batts’ Ranger repeatedly, causing damage. Townsel was taken into custody for two counts of aggravated assault and vandalism.

Devenje Edwards destroys boyfriend’s clothes during altercation over infidelity

37-year-old Devenje Edwards was involved in a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Ricardo Gayden, at a Magevney Street residence. When officers arrived, they spoke with Gayden, who stated that he and Edwards were in an altercation over infidelity that became physical when Edwards attacked him. Gayden then claimed that Edwards grabbed a knife and cut several clothing items of his, including shoes, shorts, and shirts. Gayden also claimed Edwards poked him with the knife but not enough to injure him. Officers noticed Gayden had several marks on his face while speaking with him. Officers then found Edwards, who was hiding in a closet, still armed with the weapon. Edwards was taken into custody on April 19th for aggravated assault, domestic assault, and vandalism. 

Woman makes threats in Krystal drive-thru window

30-year-old Shakera Buie was charged with two counts of aggravated assault after two women say she pointed a gun at them while in a Krystal drive-thru and yelled “Y’all better stop playing with my sister!”