Woman makes threats in Krystal drive-thru window

30-year-old Shakera Buie was charged with two counts of aggravated assault after two women say she pointed a gun at them while in a Krystal drive-thru and yelled “Y’all better stop playing with my sister!”

Woman sticks fork in friend’s face over argument about their living “situation”

24-year-old Olivia Pegues was charged with aggravated assault after police say she stabbed her friend in the face with a fork during an argument about their living situation.

Woman found asleep at the wheel after crashing into mailbox

32-year-old Kala Clayborn was charged with DUI and failure to exercise due care after she was found passed out at the wheel of her running vehicle and performed terribly on all sobriety tests given by deputies.

Woman throws curling irons at boyfriend during break-up

25-year-old Rachael Jackson was charged with domestic assault after she admitted to pushing her boyfriend and throwing metal curling irons at him in the midst of their break-up.

Ex UIW Cardinal basketball player charged after pushing baby momma

27-year-old Tavin Askew was charged with domestic assault after he pushed his girlfriend and threw her things down the stairs during an argument about her moving to Texas with their children, police say.

Man strangles, punches, and spits on girlfriend for having an attitude

22-year-old Terrace Fields was charged with aggravated assault after he repeatedly punched his girlfriend in her stomach and strangled her when he felt like she had an attitude with him, per report.

Man twists girlfriend’s arm during argument over who she was texting

21-year-old Meechie Perry was charged with domestic assault after he twisted his girlfriend’s arm for trying to take her phone back while she was driving with her children in the car.

Estranged husband stomps on woman’s head after attempting to take their children

29-year-old Jacques Hudson was charged with domestic assault after he punched his wife and stomped on her head when he tried to leave with their children, per report.

Woman found with gun and pills during traffic stop for window tint

39-year-old Lakaisha Gooden was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon, oxycodone, and tinted windows after police say they found a pistol and four pills in her Louis Vuitton bag.

Woman charged after stealing $1449.91 worth of items from Home Depot

feat Dean Paula

37-year-old Paula Dean was charged with theft of property after she posed as an employee of Home Depot, filled a basket up of items, and walked out of the store without paying for them, per report.