Guy stuffs pants with $10.97 of merchandise for 4th theft charge within 2 years

20-year-old Jack Guy was charged with theft after he was caught stuffing his pants with $10.97 of merchandise from The Home Depot.

“Kingstaccs” and team steal over $60,000 in products from City G.E.A.R.

29-year-old Keith “Kingstaccs” Hamer was charged with burglary, vandalism, and theft of property after he and several others ripped the doors off of City G.E.A.R. and made off with over $60,000 worth of merchandise.

Man jailed after swiping $364 worth of video games from Target #gameover

27-year-old Jaylin Shaw was charged with theft of property after an employee at Target witnessed him leaving the store with $364.93 worth of video games he hadn’t paid for.

Duo caught breaking into Shoot Point Blank, steals $20,800 worth of firearms

25-year-old Corey Groves and 23-year-old Kedrick Monger were both charged with burglary and theft worth $20,800 after breaking into Shoot Point Blank. Monger was also charged with convicted felon in possession of a handgun.

Man asks woman to grab his phallus; tells officer his arms won’t stop jerking

27-year-old Steffon Grantham was charged with indecent exposure after he told an officer he couldn’t stop his arms from masturbating when he was found laying on the floor in a parking garage. A woman also said he asked her to grab his penis.

Chicago felon charged in Memphis for theft, possession of firearm, heroin, and cocaine

39-year-old Asya Latimore was charged with theft, felony handgun and unlawful possession, taking contraband into a penal facility, possession of heroin and cocaine when the vehicle she was driving was recognized in connection with a string of thefts. The additional drug charges were accrued when a strip search was conducted at booking.

Woman identifies herself in case photos; charged with theft and credit card fraud

42-year-old Kissie Cunningham was charged with theft of property and three counts of credit card fraud when two women reported their wallets were lifted from their offices and Kissie identified herself in footage utilizing the stolen card.

Memphis man caught after 6-week looting spree; stole Takis, frozen pizza, lots of beer

22-year-old Mario Turner was charged with evading arrest and five counts of theft of property after a theft spree that spanned at least six weeks. Turner was filmed stealing boxes of pizza, a Hostess cake and bag of Takis, hygiene products, and several cases of beer.

Memphis man jacks the charges up in stolen car, flees police and injures bystanders

21-year-old Jerelle Minor was charged with two counts of unlawful possession of a weapon, theft of property, reckless driving, leaving the scene of an accident, driving while license suspended, intentionally evading arrest in auto, violation of financial law, and violation of vehicle registration law when officers stopped him in a stolen vehicle and when he attempted to flee, caused a car accident that injured bystanders.

Man does a shoe switcharoo at local Kohls; charged with theft of property

24-year-old Andrew Burnside was charged with theft of property after switching his old shoes for a new pair of Nike at Kohls on Germantown Parkway. Andrew was caught because he purchased additional items using a check and state identification.