Christi Norman caught with meth pipe in stolen GMC Acadia she allegedly purchased for $800

36-year-old Christi Norman was caught with drugs in a stolen vehicle on March 30th, 2023, near Summer Avenue. Officers observed a stolen GMC Acadia in a parking lot near Summer Avenue. The vehicle was shown to be stolen from Bartlett on March 13th, 2023. Officers noticed Norman walking up to and getting into the driver’s seat of the vehicle. Officers approached the vehicle and detained Norman before speaking with her. Norman told officers she purchased the vehicle 2-3 weeks prior for $800. Norman also informed officers that there might be a pipe used for smoking meth inside of the vehicle. Officers began searching the vehicle locating a glass pipe with white residue consistent with meth and one syringe inside a black glasses case inside the center console. The owner of the vehicle stated in the original report that someone named Steven is believed to have initially stolen the vehicle. Officers spoke with the vehicle owner, who said that she did not know who Norman was and did not permit her to use her vehicle. According to the owner, the vehicle’s estimated value is $10,000. Norman was taken into custody and charged with theft and possession of drug paraphernalia on May 18th, 2024.

Cherlyn Hill sells stolen iPhone 14 Pro Max at Walmart Eco machine for $115

44-year-old Cherlyn Jena Hill was taken into custody for theft on May 17th, 2024. On September 20th, 2023, India Crawford requested Uber service from her West Brooks Road residence and was picked up by an unidentified, light-complexion, heavy-set male with dreads. Crawford advised that after reaching her destination, she exited the vehicle and left her $1,300 Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max inside. She said she pinged her phone and contacted the driver, who told her he would return it but never showed up. Then, several days later, she received a call from Walmart Eco stating her cellphone had been sold. On January 8th, 2024, deputies were notified that on September 20th, 2023, Hill was captured on video at the Austin Peay Highway Walmart, selling Crawford’s iPhone at the Eco Machine inside. Hill provided the machine with her state identification and received $115 for the cell phone. On January 26th, 2024, Crawford told officers that she did not know Hill, adding that she did not have permission to sell her phone and wanted to press charges. A warrant was issued for Hill’s arrest, and she was later detained for the occurrence.

Keisha Williams caught at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital using ambulance driver’s credit card

On May 15th, 35-year-old Keisha Williams was caught using a stolen credit card at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital. While on the scene of an emergency, Brooke Trentham, an ambulance driver, was preparing a juvenile for transport. Williams was seen in the front passenger seat of the ambulance. Trentham did not realize Williams was in the ambulance until she was driving, so she stayed in the front until they arrived at the hospital. Shortly after arriving at Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, Brooke began getting notifications on her phone that her Bank of America card was being charged for multiple purchases around and in the hospital. Brooke could not find her Bank of America Card and proceeded to check her backpack in the ambulance, but she could not find it. Brooke then immediately informed officers, who made the scene quickly and located Williams, who was inside the ER with her daughter. Officers requested Williams to step outside, and as she left, she handed her daughter a cell phone and credit card. Officers noticed the card and identified it as Trentham’s stolen card. Williams was then taken into custody for theft.

Sheree Kinsey breaks into woman’s home, steals two pairs of Beats headphones worth $200


49-year-old Sheree Kinsey was booked on an outstanding warrant from February when she burglarized a home on Keating Street. Ronesha Jones returned home on February 13th to find electronics missing and made a police report. The stolen items included two pairs of Beats headphones that had a combined value of $200. The headphones’ serial numbers were entered into NCIC as stolen property. On February 21st, officers were notified that two sets of Beats headphones had been pawned at Cash America Pawn of Memphis on Park Avenue that matched the serial numbers of Jones’ stolen headphones. The name on the transaction documents was Sheree Kinsey, and a warrant was ordered for her arrest. Kinsey was taken into custody and charged with theft on May 14th.

Vanity Harris steals $400 worth of merchandise from Target


30-year-old Vanity Harris was seen stealing from a target near Colonel Road on March 15th. When officers arrived, they met with Khalil Hasiyn, a loss prevention employee for Target, who stated that earlier that day, Harris had been inside the business shopping. Hasiyn claimed that Harris stuffed $454.99 worth of items into a black bag before walking out of the store. Hasiyn detained Harris until she could be placed into police custody. 

Booster Katerah Hardy steals $600 worth of items at Walmart


27-year-old Katerah Hardy was caught stealing from Walmart on Elvis Presley Boulevard on May 9th. Walmart employee McKinley Holt advised that he observed Hardy putting items into a tote bag and exiting the store without paying. Holt told officers she saw Hardy leaving in a brown Nissan Altima. Holt also advised that the same group of women do this continuously and drive the same Nissan Altima. The items that Hardy left with are valued at $600-700. Law enforcement observed surveillance footage of Hardy and other repeat shoplifters inside Walmart. Katerah Hardy was taken into custody and charged with theft of merchandise on May 10th.

Ricanisha Wright steals $51 worth of merchandise from Family Dollar


22-year-old Ricanisha Wright was seen stealing from a Family Dollar on East E.H. Crump Boulevard on May 9th. When the officers arrived at the scene, they spoke with Bruce McAfee. He informed them that three females were actively shoplifting in the store and provided descriptions of all three. Officers made contact with the first woman, who was described as heavyset and was seen carrying a large black purse on her shoulder. After giving officers numerous fake names, the woman was identified as Ricanisha Wright. She also had multiple items in her purse with the sensors still attached from the store. Bruce McAfee informed officers that Wright had been in the store several other times, shoplifting, and other reports had been submitted. Another suspect, Teriona Williams, was identified, and another fled the scene upon officers’ arrival. Officers returned unpaid merchandise from Wright’s purse, totaling $51.47. Wright was taken into custody and charged with criminal impersonation and theft.

Anika-Seani Brady steals 7 Nissan Altima rentals from Avis at Memphis International Airport


24-year-old Anika Brady was caught stealing several cars from Memphis National Airport between February 12th and March 20th. Avis reported an unknown female stealing seven 2024 Nissan Altima’s rentals on different days.  On February 14th,19th, and 29th, Brady was seen stealing three different 2024 Altima’s. Avis caught her on camera, and the vehicles were registered stolen.

One vehicle is valued at $23,015, and the other two are valued at $22,641. On March 3rd,4th,12th, and 20th, Brady was seen stealing four more Nissan Altima rentals. Avis caught her on camera, and officers registered the vehicles as stolen. The vehicles were valued at $24,207, $23,015, $22,641, and the last at $23,015.  

Officers received a tip in South Haven, Mississippi, about selling a Nissan Altima in which the seller agreed to meet Brady, who had arrived in one of the stolen vehicles. South Haven PD contacted Brady and identified her as the female observed stealing the vehicles on camera. Brady stole all the vehicles, which totaled $161,175, and was taken into custody for seven counts of property theft with motor vehicles on May 9th.

Ashley Cross steals food from Circle K on Winchester Road


36-year-old Ashley Deann Cross stole merchandise from the Winchester Road Circle K on April 22nd. When officers arrived, they spoke with Tinickie Wheeler-Cotton, an employee at the location, who stated that Cross entered the establishment and took four sandwiches, two slushies, one bag of chips, and a can of cheese dip, totaling $33.00, and left. On May 1st, Wheeler-Cotton identified Cross in a six-person lineup. Cross was taken into custody for theft on May 9th.

Asia Williams jailed after failing to appear in court for theft


24-year-old Asia Williams failed to appear in court on August 11th, 2023, for a theft charge. A bench warrant was put out for Williams arrest. Williams was arrested on May 8th, 2024, and charged with theft.