Ex-girlfriend smashes man’s windows with help and says, “we will be back”

feat Smith Royal Smith Chasity

28-year old Royal Smith and 31-year old Chasity Smith was charged with domestic assault and vandalism when they went armed with pistols and a bat to Chasity’s ex-boyfriend’s residence.

Woman fires shots at fleeing vehicle after brawl where her sister punctured another woman’s lung

22-year-old Kadara Dodson was charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon, and vandalism after she pointed a firearm at a woman and threatened her life while her sister stabbed a different woman.

Man and woman caught on camera cutting padlock at U-Stor Storage Unit caught days later

26-year-old Nicholas Tozzi and 33-year-old Amanda Vanelli were charged with criminal attempt burglary they tried to burglarize a storage unit at U-Stor but fled when the alarm was set off to be caught due to video footage 5 days later.

Man changes the locks to his heart and apartment; ex breaks in and punches him

feat Freeman Mikayla

20-year-old Mikayla Freeman was charged with domestic assault when she broke a window to get into the home that she and her recent ex share a lease together at to get her belongings back.

“Foreva Thero” charged after hitting child’s face with a belt & slapping the mother as well

25-year-old Keshun Adair was charged with domestic assault after he beat a child for breaking a television, taking a belt to the juvenile’s face, and slapping the mother when she asked him about the situation.

Teen beats girlfriend in the park after she “accidentally” strikes his vehicle

19-year-old Timothy Dillard was charged with domestic assault when police saw him standing over his girlfriend and she claimed he punched her in the face several times after she hit his vehicle because her younger sister jumped into her lap.

Woman hits girlfriend in head with shoe for not giving her a kiss in the morning

21-year-old Alyssa Haynie was charged with domestic assault after she didn’t get a kiss from her girlfriend and she hit her in the head with a shoe.

Woman reportedly threatens boyfriend, ‘I got the power now’ with 9mm Taurus against his temple

33-year-old Jen’Nita Moore was charged with aggravated assault after her boyfriend told authorities she threatened him with a 9mm handgun.

Man sprays wife with unknown chemical, per report

65-year-old Guy Hearne was charged with domestic assault causing bodily harm after he sprayed his wife with what she believed to be bug spray causing a rash on her mouth and neck.

Woman attacks grandfather after he reportedly came at her with wooden cane

77-year-old James Thompson and 26-year-old Tashae George were charged with domestic assault causing bodily harm after he threatened to “beat her ass” and she attacked him, per the affidavit.