Man caught pushing cart of stolen goods from Methodist University Hospital

40-year-old Demario Moore was charged with burglary of a building and theft of property after he was reported with a cart full of tools and caught on security cameras taking the tools from the Methodist University Hospital.

Man offers stranded woman a ride, runs off with her money and Chihuahua

20-year-old Cameron Tate was charged with theft of property after police say he offered a stranded woman a ride to Michigan and fled with her Chihuahua and other belongings after she gave him gas money.

Fugitive caught with 7.2 grams marijuana after stealing 2017 Camaro

19-year-old Deshun Bates was charged with theft of property, unlawful possession of a weapon, and possession of marijuana after he reportedly stole a Chevrolet Camaro and the gun inside the vehicle, then switched to another car with 7.2 grams of marijuana.

Man charged after telling officers he is watching stolen motorcycle for friend

36-year-old Matthew Franks was charged with theft of property after he was reported with a stolen Honda Shadow motorcycle but claimed he was watching it for a friend.

Man charged after being found slouched over steering wheel of stolen vehicle

20-year-old Jermario Johnson was charged with theft of property after he was reported slumped over in a stolen Honda Accord for two days, per report.

Man threatens to have a “shootout” with police if wife calls them, per report

53-year-old Sidney Harvard was charged with kidnapping, theft of property, and domestic assault causing bodily harm after he reportedly forced his wife into her vehicle, drove around for hours, and threatened to kill her and himself when she told him she wanted a divorce.

Woman charged after stealing $1449.91 worth of items from Home Depot

feat Dean Paula

37-year-old Paula Dean was charged with theft of property after she posed as an employee of Home Depot, filled a basket up of items, and walked out of the store without paying for them, per report.

Man charged after striking down owner of truck he stole, per report

20-year-old Tristen McClanahan was charged with aggravated assault, two counts of theft of property, vandalism, and evading arrest after reportedly stealing a work truck, fleeing from police, and destroying multiple mailboxes in the process.

Woman tells friend to “chop it up as a loss” after refusing to return his vehicle to him

27-year-old Ashley Moody was charged with theft of property after she refused to return her friend’s Cadillac, telling him to “chop it up as a loss.”

Teen charged after stealing Mercedes as the owner dropped off clothes at Goodwill

18-year-old Avonta Gregory was charged with property theft and evading arrest after joyriding in a stolen Mercedes-Benz and running from the police.