Caprea Causey jailed after driving stolen Nissan Maxima on suspended license


42-year-old Caprea Causey was caught after stealing a Nissan Maxima from Comfort Inn and Suites near Macon Cv. On March 24th, Heriberto Sanchez informed officers that his Nissan Maxima had been stolen from the hotel. On May 8th, Memphis officers observed the Nissan Maxima being driven with tags that did not show the vehicle being a Nissan. Officers initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and identified the driver as Caprea Causey. Officers then spoke with Causey, who stated the vehicle had been loaned to her by a friend/cousin. Causey also had a suspended license at the time of the traffic stop, dating back to April 13th, 2013. The vehicle’s VIN was reported as stolen, and Causey was taken into custody. Causey denied knowing the vehicle was stolen while being investigated. The Nissan Maxima was valued at $6862.00 by KBB. Causey was then charged with theft of a motor vehicle, violation of vehicle law, and driving on a suspended license.