Vanity Harris steals $400 worth of merchandise from Target


30-year-old Vanity Harris was seen stealing from a target near Colonel Road on March 15th. When officers arrived, they met with Khalil Hasiyn, a loss prevention employee for Target, who stated that earlier that day, Harris had been inside the business shopping. Hasiyn claimed that Harris stuffed $454.99 worth of items into a black bag before walking out of the store. Hasiyn detained Harris until she could be placed into police custody. 

Shanndolyn Richardson assaults son for being disrespectful


43-year-old Shanndolyn Richardson was involved in a domestic incident with her son, Trey Richardson, near Riverdale Drive on May 11th. When officers arrived, they spoke with Shanndolyn, who stated that she was in the car with her 18-year-old son, Trey, and that he disrespected her. She proceeded to tell him to get out of the car, to which he refused. She claims that she unbuckled his seatbelt and pushed his shoulder to get out, in which he grabbed her, which escalated into a fight. Shanndolyn stated that Trey grabbed her by the throat. Officers also noticed marks on her throat. Officers then spoke with Trey, who stated his mother hit him in the face prior to him grabbing her, which caused them to fight. Officers observed many scratch marks on his face and neck. Officers could not determine a primary aggressor, and they were both taken into custody. Shanndolyn was charged with domestic assault. 

Tangela Jackson makes $6,000 purchase under stolen identity


55-year-old Tangela Jackson was caught forging documents and stealing someone’s identity near Washington Street. On November 6th,2023, Steven Hawkins, a sales manager of a wholesale food company, stated that he spoke with Tangela Jackson, and she stated that her name was Tanisha Heaston. Hawkins also stated that they discussed a food order for 6000 dollars on a credit plan to be delivered to a restaurant, but Jackson had forgotten her driver’s license. Hawkins had told Jackson that she could text him the driver’s license, and he could make the credit application for her. Jackson completed the application and signed all the documents in the name of Tanisha Heaston.

A few days later, Hawkins called Jackson, stating that the credit application was not accepted and that she would have to pay the total price. She texted him the license and paid using a check she signed off on  December 12th, 2023. On February 24th, 2024, the real Tanisha Heaston completed a scam report with the Memphis Police Department. Dana Harvey of Performance Foods notified her that her TN driver’s license was used to complete a food application order but was denied.

Heaston told Harvey that her vehicle was broken into and her license stolen on October 22nd, 2022. Heaston did not authorize Jackson to use her likeness or license in her name. Harvey gave investigators information about Tangela Jackson signing in Tanisha Heaston’s name. Harvey also gave officers bank statements showing the $6,000 fraudulent and unauthorized check. On March 1st, Hawkins presented officers with screenshots of the $6000 check and a screenshot of Jackson using Heaston’s license. Hawkins also identified Jackson from a photo lineup. A warrant was issued, and Jackson was taken into custody on May 11th for Forgery, theft of property, and identity theft.

Chaela Toole shoots at women who were hanging out with her boyfriend


34-year-old Chaela Toole was caught after shooting at a Lowell Avenue residence on April 27th. Officers were stopped at an Arlington residence regarding an incident that occurred on Lowell Avenue. Officers spoke with Danisha Watson and Tyonna Meadows, who informed them that they were physically assaulted with a handgun and shot at by Chaela Toole. Both Watson and Meadows had been hanging out with Rufus Bingham, a male friend who is also Ms. Toole’s boyfriend. Toole arrived on the scene uninvited and blocked them in the driveway before exiting and fighting Meadows. Toole was observed to be armed with brass knuckles and a handgun.

Watson and Meadows then claimed that as they fled the scene, they observed Toole raising her handgun and firing several shots at them in traffic from her Dodge Challenger. Watson and Meadows then gave officers a description of Toole to officers. Officers arrived at the Lowell Avenue residence and noticed the Dodge Challenger matching the description, registered to the name Chaela Toole. Investigators interviewed Watson, and she identified Toole as the one responsible for the assault. Watson also stated she was targeted by association and that Toole showed up to confront her boyfriend and Meadows. A warrant was issued, and Toole was taken into custody on May 10th for two counts of Aggravated assault, one count of reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon, and two counts of discharging a firearm from within a motor vehicle.

Carneshal Stepheny beats roommate with broom


31-year-old Carneshal Stepheny was involved in a domestic incident with her roommate, Sherita Barkley, at a Ridgestone Drive apartment residence. Officers arrived and spoke with Sherita Barkley, who stated that she went over to her mother’s house to address an issue between her mother, Priscilla Barkley, and Stepheny. While at her mother’s, Stepheny turned the aggression toward Sherita and began insulting her. Sherita then proceeded to leave and walk downstairs to her apartment before Stepheny followed her and struck her three times in the head with a broom.

Sherita then informed officers that Stepheny currently stays with her as a roommate. Proceeding the assault, Sherita removed Stepheny’s items from their home and entered her vehicle while waiting for the police. While outside, Sherita says that Stepheny ran up to her vehicle and tried to open the door handles while making threats to hurt her. Officers then spoke with Priscilla, who stated that Stepheny was the primary aggressor and made several threats to Sherita. Stepheny was then taken into custody for domestic assault.

Fanny Martinez threatens husband with knife during altercation


44-year-old Fanny Martinez was involved in a domestic incident with her husband, Carlos Garcia, at her Wingood Circle apartment residence on May 10th. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Martinez, who stated that Garcia assaulted her. Martinez claimed that she had asked Garcia not to drink anymore. Garcia then smacked her in the face, hit her in the middle of the back, and fled the scene prior to the officers’ arrival. While officers were on the scene, Garcia walked back to the scene and was shortly identified by Martinez.

Officers then spoke with Garcia, who stated that he was the one who was assaulted by Martinez, showing officers a video of her waving a knife around at him. Garcia admitted he was drinking to officers, also stating that Martinez was upset about how much He had drank. Garcia noted as well that this was when Martinez began to get aggressive with him, and that’s when the verbal altercation turned into them both assaulting each other. Garcia claims Martinez threw him on the ground after striking him on the arm and back. He also says that she got on top of him and continued to assault him. Garcia informs officers that Martinez also threw a glass bottle at him but missed. Officers could not deem a primary aggressor, so Garcia and Martinez were taken into custody.  Investigators spoke with Martinez, and she claimed that she had the knife because she was eating watermelon and was only speaking to Garcia while the knife was in her hand. Officers showed Martinez the video, but she was seen slashing and pointing the knife at Garcia, putting him in fear for his life. Martinez was charged with domestic assault and aggravated assault.

Rilesha Hines resists arrest after ignoring officers commands to stay back from crime scene


On May 9th, 22-year-old Rilesha Hines was seen resisting officers near Raines Road and Winchester Road. On the scene, there was a pedestrian who was struck while crossing the street and pronounced deceased. Officers asked Hines numerous times not to cross the crime scene tape, but she did not listen. Several officers asked Hines to back up from the roadway, but she ran through the officers and fell to the ground on her own accord. Officers attempted to take her into custody, which she resisted. Hines was later taken into custody for Disorderly conduct and resisting official detention.

Sheris Richmond hits boyfriend with gun during altercation


42-year-old Sheris Richmond was involved in a domestic altercation with her boyfriend, Maceo Jones, at a Sunrise Street residence on May 9th. When officers arrived, they spoke to Jones outside, who said he and Richmond had argued. Jones stated that while he was talking to his stepfather about purchasing a vehicle, Richmond started to get aggressive toward him because he referred to his stepdad as his biological father. Jones claimed that Richmond then went to a bedroom, and he stood outside of the room, wanting to talk about the incident. Richmond then pushed him while reaching for a firearm and struck him with it. Jones informed officers that after he was struck, he got his belongings and went outside. While Jones was outside, Richmond started making threats of getting her cousin to hurt him. He then grabbed a hammer for self-defense in case Richmond’s cousins arrived. Jones informed officers that she fled the scene when he told Richmond about the officers being called.

Officers then spoke with Richmond, who arrived on the scene later. Richmond stated that she and Jones started arguing because she heard Jones talking about buying a car despite them struggling financially. Richmond then claimed Jones began to get aggressive towards her for questioning him. Richmond then claimed that when she ran past him to go to her room, she closed the door to prevent him from coming in by putting her body in front of the door. According to Richmond, Jones began to bang on the door, trying to open it. Eventually, the door flew open, causing an injury to Richmond’s thumb, and Jones began to push the door, squishing Richmond between the door and the wall. Richmond also claimed that during this altercation, she was able to grab her firearm and run outside the front door. Richmond states that while outside, she attempted to alert her cousin, who was cutting the grass, but was unsuccessful. Richmond then claimed that Jones grabbed her and tried to force her back into the house. Richmond managed to retrieve her firearm from her purse and fired a shot into the air to get her cousin’s attention. She later fled the scene after the gun was fired. Officers could not deem a primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for Domestic assault.

Angel Hollis booked after lying to police & squatting inside vacant apartment


26-year-old Angel Hollis was caught trespassing at a Gowan Drive apartment residence. On April 12th, Officers arrived at the apartment residence and spoke with security officer Elvino Evans. Evans stated he placed Hollis on the AOA with Memphis PD for an incident on March 19th. On that day, Evans found Hollis squatting inside a vacant apartment. When officers caught and took Hollis into custody, she gave the last name Washington with a false date of birth. However, police knew her identity before she gave a fake name because security officers informed them who she was. Hollis was taken into custody on May 9th and charged with criminal impersonation and trespassing.

Jamaria Jefferson threatens to shoot ex-boyfriend’s family during altercation, says she would “make them move”


30-year-old Jamaria Jefferson was seen pointing a firearm at a Debby Drive residence on April 16th. Officers arrived at the residence and spoke with Myesha Lee and her mother, Shirley Bobo. They stated that Jefferson had driven to their house and demanded her cell phone. Lee told officers that neither she nor Bobo had the cell phone. Lee also claims that Jefferson was at the end of the driveway sitting in her car, threatening to shoot everyone in the house, saying she would “make them move.” Lee claimed that Jefferson proceeded to raise a black pistol in her direction as she was making threats. Bobo informed officers that she did not see a pistol, but she did hear the threats to shoot the house. Lee told officers this was the result of her brother assaulting Jefferson, who was his ex-girlfriend, and taking her cell phone. Lee’s brother was not at the residence during the incident. Bobo and Lee gave statements to officers and identified Jefferson as the one who made the threats. A warrant was issued, and Jefferson was taken into custody for aggravated assault on May 9th.