Angel Hollis booked after lying to police & squatting inside vacant apartment


26-year-old Angel Hollis was caught trespassing at a Gowan Drive apartment residence. On April 12th, Officers arrived at the apartment residence and spoke with security officer Elvino Evans. Evans stated he placed Hollis on the AOA with Memphis PD for an incident on March 19th. On that day, Evans found Hollis squatting inside a vacant apartment. When officers caught and took Hollis into custody, she gave the last name Washington with a false date of birth. However, police knew her identity before she gave a fake name because security officers informed them who she was. Hollis was taken into custody on May 9th and charged with criminal impersonation and trespassing.

Ricanisha Wright steals $51 worth of merchandise from Family Dollar


22-year-old Ricanisha Wright was seen stealing from a Family Dollar on East E.H. Crump Boulevard on May 9th. When the officers arrived at the scene, they spoke with Bruce McAfee. He informed them that three females were actively shoplifting in the store and provided descriptions of all three. Officers made contact with the first woman, who was described as heavyset and was seen carrying a large black purse on her shoulder. After giving officers numerous fake names, the woman was identified as Ricanisha Wright. She also had multiple items in her purse with the sensors still attached from the store. Bruce McAfee informed officers that Wright had been in the store several other times, shoplifting, and other reports had been submitted. Another suspect, Teriona Williams, was identified, and another fled the scene upon officers’ arrival. Officers returned unpaid merchandise from Wright’s purse, totaling $51.47. Wright was taken into custody and charged with criminal impersonation and theft.

Fugitive caught with 17.5 grams of meth after friend snitches

Feat Elkins, Timothy

33-year-old Timothy Elkins was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and criminal impersonation after his friend told deputies that he gave them false information when they were pulled over.