Fugitive caught with 17.5 grams of meth after friend snitches

Feat Elkins, Timothy

33-year-old Timothy Elkins was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of drug paraphernalia, and criminal impersonation after his friend told deputies that he gave them false information when they were pulled over.

On October 26th, Shelby County Deputy Aguilera witnessed a white Nissan Versa traveling down Benjestown Road before making a reckless left turn onto O K Robertson Road and then a sudden right turn onto Cedar Bluff Drive. When the deputy initiated emergency equipment, the vehicle made a quick right turn into a residential driveway located at 5367 Cedar Bluff Drive. Both occupants of the vehicle got out and began to approach Deputy Aguilera and Deputy Delaney’s vehicles at which point they were instructed to stay near the Nissan.

Timothy Elkins (SCSO)

The deputies asked the driver, Kenneth Coleman, why he was driving recklessly through a residential area and he replied, “I just picked up my friend from Independence Road.” Deputy Aguilera asked Coleman for his driver’s license and he advised that he did not have a license but provided his social security number. A search through the system revealed that Coleman had an active warrant in Tipton County. The deputies were unable to get a positive return through the system with the information that the passenger gave at which point both parties were detained. According to the report, deputies saw a glass pipe in plain view sitting in the center console. After retrieving the pipe and noticing a pink liquid substance inside, Sergeant Miller was requested to the scene. Coleman requested to speak to deputies while in custody. He stated that he had only been acquainted with the passenger for three days and advised that he gave them false information. He told deputies that the man’s correct name was Timothy Elkins. After a computer check, Elkins was shown to have six active warrants in Shelby County issued on 10/16/2020 and an active warrant in Arkansas issued on 10/13/2016.

Deputy Aguilera stated that when Elkins was in Deputy Delaney’s vehicle, Elkins was moving his left hand down and up the left side of his pants. Deputy Aguilera opened the vehicle door and saw a rolled $100 bill sticking out of the left pocket of Elkin’s pants. When asked if there was there something inside of the $100 bill, Elkins responded, “No.” The deputies report advised that inside the bill was a crystal-like rock. Elkins claimed ownership of the glass pipe and crystal rock. The Shelby County Fire Department responded and transported Elkins to Regional One Medical Center after he began complaining of chest pains. He was stabilized, released, and transported to 201 Popular for booking. Coleman was issued a courtesy citation for reckless driving and he was transported to the Tipton County Sheriff’s Office. Both the crystal rock and pink substance tested positive for methamphetamine. The total preliminary weight was 17.5 grams.

Timothy Elkins was arrested and charged with felony possession, felony narcotics, criminal impersonation, and verified warrants. Elkins has been released on a $20,000 bond.

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