Man threatens officers when they cited him for speeding in his Hellcat

feat Allen Noah

23-year-old Noah Allen was charged with aggravated assault and disorderly conduct after he said to officers “I hope you get shot” when they gave him a ticket for speeding.

Girlfriend wacks man after he takes the TV remote to turn it off, per report

28-year-old Jendayah James was charged with domestic assault after she scratched and struck her boyfriend in the face when he turned off the TV to go to sleep after work.

Woman charged after hitting girlfriend in the face and getting hit in return

37-year-old Peggy Fleming was charged with domestic assault after she slapped her girlfriend in the face when she was unable to grab her by the neck during an argument, per report.

Boyfriend shoots woman in the collarbone after she ends relationship #Petty

feat Petty Taylor

27-year-old Taylor Petty was charged with aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon after he shot his girlfriend when she ended the relationship and then drove her to the hospital, dropped her off at the door, and drove away, per report.

Woman charged after stealing $1449.91 worth of items from Home Depot

feat Dean Paula

37-year-old Paula Dean was charged with theft of property after she posed as an employee of Home Depot, filled a basket up of items, and walked out of the store without paying for them, per report.

Irate baby momma destroys man’s belongings when he refuses to give her ride

feat Williams Cierra

21-year-old Cierra Williams was charged with vandalism after she was caught on camera destroying work lights and throwing a gallon can of Supreme paint into the street when her baby daddy refused to give her a ride, per report.

Man breaks nose and fractures cheekbones of female acquaintance

feat Maze Kevin

40-year-old Kevin Maze was charged with aggravated assault after he got into a physical altercation with a female that he knew through his brother and fractured her cheekbones and broke her nose, per report.

Man states “I’ll shoot you in the face” when girlfriend ends relationship

feat Mayberry Avery

34-year-old Avery Mayberry was charged with domestic assault after he and his girlfriend had a verbal altercation about messages she saw on his phone that led him to grab her by the neck and hit her in the head, per report.

Man charged after crashing vehicle and chasing paramedics around on foot

feat Rawls Blake

24-year-old Blake Rawls was charged with disorderly conduct and obstruction of a highway after he struck a pole with his vehicle, fought with officers, and ran in and out of traffic at the intersection of Mt. Moriah Road and Wilbec Road.

Woman threatens to burn the house down with her mother in it

feat Brocklehurst Lara

34-year-old Lara Brocklehurst was charged with domestic assault after she threw an ashtray at her mother and threatened to burn the house down with her mother in it, per report.