Memphis man plays victim and gets caught lying about it

37-year-old Darrell Harvell was charged with reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon and false offense report after reporting to police he was the victim of an assault involving gunfire when police actually discover him to be the aggressor.

On March 12th, Darrell Harvell went into the Mt. Moriah Police Precinct and reported that he was a victim of an aggravated assault. Darrell stated as he was leaving his apartment complex, he blew his horn at a male that was driving a stalled red SUV and then drove around it. Darrell then said the SUV started to follow him as he was driving west on Mt. Moriah Road and continued as he turned south on Ridgeway Road.

Darrell Harvell (SCSO)

Darrell stated the driver of the SUV began firing shots at his vehicle and that he continued following until dispatch told him to stop. Darrell was placed into custody at the precinct and during that time, an anonymous call came in stating both vehicles that were involved were shooting at each other.

Crime Scene investigators began looking at Darrell’s vehicle and also performed a gun residue test on Darrell. Detectives also went to the area and recovered five 9mm casings in front of 2941 Ridgeway Road. Darrell was advised of his Miranda rights and he signed and waived. Darrell admitted verbally and in writing to firing several shots as the SUV as it was leaving the area and then took the weapon home before coming to the precinct to file the report. Darrell also gave a typed statement describing the events that took place. The Taurus 9mm handgun was brought to the precinct by Darrell’s mother.

Darrell Harvell was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon and false offense report. His bond was set at $25,000.

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