Teen stabs ex, gets out of jail, and messages her “I’m out b*tch and on god, I want my revenge”

19-year-old Omari Franklin was charged with aggravated stalking, aggravated burglary, theft of property, violating an order of protection, and bond conditions after posting on his ex-girlfriend’s Facebook page when he was to have no contact with her due to him being charged for stabbing her.

On October 2nd, Memphis Police Department officers arrived at The Highland Meadows Apartments located at 5136 Mckellar Woods Drive in response to a domestic violence call. An officer reported that Shayla Pryor had been stabbed by her boyfriend, Omari Franklin, and had to be taken to the hospital for her wounds. Franklin was not at the residence when the police arrived, and the affidavit said that he left his iPhone 11 inside the apartment.

Omari Franklin (SCSO)
Omari Franklin (SCSO)

Her roommate, Destanie Phillps, said that she left to go pick her up. Pryor then received a text from Franklin off of his phone saying nothing just laughing emojis. When the women arrived home they said that the front door to their apartment was kicked down and Phillips’ iPhone7 valued at $250 and Pryor’s laptop valued at $300 were missing. The Officers noted that they found the phone number of the iPhone did belong to Franklin via their database. On October 4th, Pryor and Phillips positively identified Franklin and gave statements, stating that they wanted to press charges against him.

Franklin was placed into custody for stabbing Pryor on the 5th of October. He had active warrants, they reported, for the burglary of her apartment. On October 9th, Franklin was released on the condition that he is to not have any contact with Pryor either directly or indirectly. Later that day, Memphis Police Officer Tolbert responded to 1483 Paullus Avenue for a call from Pryor. She informed the officer informed that she was contacted on Facebook by Franklin who stated “I’m out bitch and on god, I want my revenge.” Pryor also showed Officer Tolbert two different texts from Franklin; one read, “You juss don’t know what type of shit you dun got yourself into” and the other read, “Yes you gone see Shayla.”

On October 26th, Omari Franklin was arrested and charged with aggravated stalking, violation of an order of protection, violation of bond conditions, aggravated burglary, and theft of property. He is currently jailed in lieu of a $35,000 bond.

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