Naieshia Fitch assaults son with broken broomstick for not cleaning his room


36-year-old Naieshia Fitch was involved in a domestic incident with her son, Kyrius Fitch, at their Philsar Street apartment residence on May 7th. When officers arrived on the scene, they spoke with Naieshia, who stated that Kyrius refused to clean his room and was being disrespectful. She also said that when he refused to do as he was told, so she snapped, swinging a broomstick at his lower back.

Officers then spoke with Kyrius, who said he just wanted to go outside and play, so he asked his mother if he could clean later. Kyrius then claimed that Naiesha became upset and hit him on the back with the broomstick. Kyrius stated after this, he jumped out of his bedroom window and dialed 911. Kyrius then informed officers that Jerry Jones, Naieshia’s boyfriend, grabbed him and slammed him onto the ground. Officers spoke with Jones, who stated that Kyrius was being too disrespectful, so he pushed Kyrius a few times. Officers deemed Naieshia to be the primary aggressor, and she was taken into custody for domestic assault.