Man does a shoe switcharoo at local Kohls; charged with theft of property

24-year-old Andrew Burnside was charged with theft of property after switching his old shoes for a new pair of Nike at Kohls on Germantown Parkway. Andrew was caught because he purchased additional items using a check and state identification.

On February 15th, Kohl’s Loss Prevention employee E. Turner positively identified Andrew Burnside as the suspect in a February 8th report of theft. Andrew is accused of entering the store located at 2335 North Germantown Parkway and taking $65 Nike shoes without paying for them. The affidavit states that Andrew simply switched his old shoes with a pair of new ones.

Andrew Burnside (SCSO)
Andrew Burnside (SCSO)

An associate confronted Andrew at check out while purchasing other items. He denied the used shoes were his and left the vicinity. Andrew Burnside paid for the additional items with a check, which demands identification confirmation, that ID was used to locate him. Ultimately he was selected by a witness from a line-up and a warrant was issued on February 26th.

On March 14th, Andrew Burnside was arrested for theft of property conduct involving merchandise $1,000 or less. On March 16th, he was sentenced to one day in jail and given credit for time served.

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