Memphis man charged after headbutting lover, beating baby mamma over $100

36-year-old Korry Bradley was charged with domestic assault after his lover reported him for headbutting her in the face. Bradley was also charged with domestic assault in February by his child’s mother who said he beat her face in for not giving him $100 from her tax refund.

On March 13th, Officer Heathcock responded to a call at 2928 Barron Avenue. Krystal Nathaniel alerted authorities that Korry Bradley was currently at home. According to the affidavit, Krystal filed a report on Korry the night before and claimed that he headbutted her. Officers did not observe any injuries but noted Krystal claimed to be in fear.

Korry Bradley (SCSO)
Korry Bradley (SCSO)

On February 16th, Officer Harris investigated a domestic incident at 786 South Highland. According to that affidavit, this location is where officers met Vinleighcia Brown who had fled Bradley’s home after an assault. Vinleighcia shares a son with Bradley and was picking him up when an argument ensued about $100 she owed him. When she told Korry she had bills to pay, he proceeded to batter her face with closed fists. She went further to say that while being struck, she attempted to protect herself and by doing so, believed that her arm may have been broken. At the time of the incident, officers identified bruising on both Vinleighcia’s face and forearm.

Korry Bradley was arrested and charged with domestic assault. His bond was set at $3,000.

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